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6 Steps to Clear, Acne-Free Skin – Dr. Dray



Dealing with acne can be difficult, I have been there. I had to go to work every day with a face full of acne, I had my colleagues telling me it looks yuck, yes that happened. Trust me, it gets better. I went to see a dermatologist and it took about a year, but I got rid of my acne. You do not need to go see a dermatologist, try some of these dermatologist-recommended products and ingredients in a skin care routine meant for acne prone skin.

Click here for Dr. Dray’s original video on this topic.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

If it does not work for you, you can always see a dermatologist, but try this first.

  1. Use a Salicylic Acid Cleanser in The Morning for Clear Skin

Good for anti-aging purposes, hyperpigmentation as well as acne related issues, salicylic acid gets into the oily surface of the skin well and seeps down into the pore to exfoliate it from the inside. Lather the cleanser to your skin, leave it for a few minutes and then rinse it off. That is how you use salicylic acid to maximize benefits. You could use it twice a day as well.

Dr. Dray Recommended Salicylic Acid Cleanser

Zapzyt Acne Face Wash

dr. dray


  1. Use Sunscreen for Clear Skin

Yes, I said sunscreen. Sun block is crucial for clear skin because ultraviolet radiation from the Sun delays skin healing considerably and generates a lot of inflammation that is going to make the redness and discoloration persist a lot longer than it would with sun protection. Any skin issue that you have, can get a lot worse if you fail to protect your skin from the Sun.

Click here for a list of Dr. Dray’s favorite Sunscreens. 

Dr. Dray Recommended Sunscreens

CeraVe Hydrating Sheer Tinted Sunscreen

Cetaphil Sheer Mineral, SPF 50

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF

  1. Wash Your Face at the End of the Day With a Gentle Cleanser

It is important to cleanse your face to remove dirt, makeup, and sunscreen. Stuff left behind on your skin can generate oxidative stress by creating free radicals, and that ends up driving more inflammation and irritation to your skin and acts as a big barrier to your journey to clear skin.

Use a gentle cleanser, even if you have oily skin. Do not assume that just because you have oily skin, you can use harsh scrubs on your skin and get away with it.

Dr. Dray Recommended Nighttime Cleanser

CeraVe Foaming Cleanser

If you wear water resistant sunscreen or makeup, Dr. Dray suggests using a cleansing oil or a cleansing balm first, this helps to break off that sunscreen and makeup, you can follow that up with a cleanser.

I have a post about some of the best cleansing oils and cleansing balms that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends. You can find some great recommendations here.

For convenience’s sake, I am adding some Dr. Dray recommendations to this post as well.

Albolene Moisturizing Cream

Neutrogena Body Oil

  1. Use A Moisturizer with Niacinamide or Licorice for Clear Skin

Oil and moisturizer are two separate things, just because you have oily skin, does not mean you do not need to moisturize. I used to believe that, before I discovered this truth, and using a moisturizer alone has helped me improve the texture of my skin over the last two years.

What ingredients to look for in your moisturizer for Clear Skin? These are the ones that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends – Niacinamide and Licorice. These ingredients help to reduce free radicals from your skin. They are known to help inflammation, redness, and hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Dray Recommended Moisturizers

CeraVe PM Facial Moisturizer


Procure Rosacare is another great one that helps camouflage redness.

You could use these moisturizers in your daytime routine as well, before the sunscreen, and after cleansing. Make sure the moisturizer dries before you apply a sun block.

  1. Retinol / Adapalene / Retinoid for Clear Skin

If you are not on prescription Retinoid, Dr Dray highly recommends incorporating retinol, or adapalene to your nighttime skin care routine. Retinols help keep your pores clear, healthy and reduce acne flare ups in the future. Retinols help in skin cell turnover and are notorious for being highly useful for clear skin.

If used consistently, retinols help with collagen production. This is useful in improving the texture of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and retinols are also beneficial in reducing acne marks and dark spots from the skin.

Dr. Dray Recommended Retinols

Differin Gel

CeraVe Resurfacing Retinol Serum

(This one also has licorice root and ceramides for the added benefits)

Once your moisturizer has dried, put a pea-sized amount of your retinol. Avoid the eye area, you can use Vaseline around your eyelids to make sure you avoid that area. Dr. Dray suggests keeping this product away from your neck as well. Skin on the neck is more delicate than the skin on your face so not every product that is used on your face, can be applied to the neck.

  1. Do Not Pick Your Skin for Clear Skin

Picking skin can be a symptom of anxiety and stress. It is a habit, and we might be doing this without even realizing. Picking your skin, acne, bumps, pimples will make sure it never heals. I know it sounds serious, but it is. Every time you pick your skin, that area is traumatized, making sure that it does not heal.

A product that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends, to help avoid skin picking is, Mighty Patch. These are pimple patches that are used on active pimples. These patches help pull out the pustules to help heal the pimple and having these on acts as a barrier for skin pickers.

These skin patches stay on and you cannot see them on the face. This a great product for acne and acne pickers. Use these whenever you feel like you have the most urge to pick your acne.

Mighty Pimple Patches

Wrapping Up

These recommendations are not just for your face, you can use these products anywhere on your body where you have acne, or acne marks. You just need to be a bit more patient when it comes to your body because the skin on your body is thicker than the skin on your face, so the products take a bit longer to get through the thick skin.

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!

lifestyle recommendations by dr. dray

Life-Changing Lifestyle Recommendations – Dr. Dray

Change Your Life With These Lifestyle Recommendations – Dr. Dray Recommendations


Dr. Dray is a dermatologist and usually makes videos about skin and hair, but in this blog post, I am going to talk about some of the best lifestyle purchases that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends. I have been wanting to talk about these for a while now but for some reason kept writing about other things, but better late than never, right? The time is right to talk about some of the best lifestyle purchases that you could incorporate in your life to see some positive results.

If you are wondering how this affects your skin and peace of mind, I have two words for you – IT DOES.

The quality of your life has everything to do with the health of your skin, the health of your mind, your overall health.

I wrote a post about the areas to focus on for peace of mind, click here for that. 

Note: The product links in this post are for your benefit and mine. If you use them to make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon, as part of their affiliate program. Thank you!

Click here for some skincare essentials recommended holy grail products of dermatologist Dr. Dray. 

Improve the Quality of your life with these Lifestyle Purchases


1. A laptop Elevator

Scrunching down your neck to work on a laptop or looking at your device can lead to tech neck. What is tech neck? – Stressing muscles while using phones, tablets, computers result in neck pain, shoulder pain and causes horizontal lines across your neck. Hence the name Technology + Neck, Tech Neck.

Especially today when even kids are going to school via a computer, and we spend almost all our day looking down at a devise, it is a must have to use a laptop elevator. It is going to help you improve your posture. I must mention, you will get a more flattering angle for your Zoom meetings with a laptop elevator too. It is a win-win situation.

I bought one a few months back and I use it every day. This item is a game changer. If you do not have one yet, get one. Your neck will thank you!

lifestyle recommendations - dr. dray


2. Vornado Fan

Dermatologist Dr. Dray says it is good to have a fan without the white noise, in the bedroom. It is the most relaxing feeling in the world, plus it takes the circulation of the air to the whole other level and improves your sleep. As mentioned before, good quality sleep is crucial for healthy looking skin and mental health.


3. Treadmill

Exercise is important for several reasons, the two I will mention here, keeping in mind the main theme of, is healthy, glowing, skin and peace of mind. Running is one of the best forms of exercises, it is advised to go out of frequent runs but if that is not possible or convenient, having a treadmill at home will do wonders for your overall lifestyle. The best tread mill is the one that you will use regularly. Remember that before making this purchase.

I will link the treadmill that Dr. Dray bought; however, there are a ton of different treadmills to choose from on Amazon. Pick one that works for you and do not forget to run.


4. Rebounder – A Mini Trampoline

Sticking to the theme of exercise, another great investment that Dr. Dray made is a rebounder, which is a mini trampoline for fitness. Rebounder workouts do not feel like a workout, it is a low impact workout but by the time you are done, you are exhausted, says Dr. Dray. That is when you realize you just worked out. There are several videos on YouTube that will help you figure out how to start with a Rebounder, if you need help understanding how a rebounder workout would go.


5. AeroGarden

An AeroGarden is a container that lets you grow plants in a controlled setting. It is a device that uses aeroponic technology to grow herbs and other plants, hence the name – AeroGarden. It comes with plant food that you must add every two weeks; it takes care of the rest by switching on and off automatically. This is good for you if you love plants but do not have time to take care of them; or if you want organic home-grown herbs for food. This is the gift that will keep giving. This is also a good gift idea for somebody who loves plants and does not have a garden.

6. The Brothers K

This book by David James Duncan is another lifestyle purchase that Dr. Dray loves and recommends. If you are somebody who had a difficult time dealing with differences between family members, especially during lockdown, you will appreciate this book.

7. A Life Planner

If you are someone who has a lot to do, and likes to plan and schedule, this book will help you keep on track in an efficient manner. I have recently started scheduling and it has helped me a lot. I am not much of a daily planner, but I keep track of my things-to-do monthly. Writing it down is a good idea and has helped me stick to my goals better than ever before. You can get any planner that appeals to you and works for you. While we are at it, journaling your emotions, thoughts, dreams, achievements, goals is a fatastic way to express yourself, vent out any pent up emotions, and overall better mental health.



Wrapping Up

A calmer mind and skin are fabulous, and it is also important to consider some of the other lifestyle factors that affect our mind’s health, our skin’s health, and our overall lifestyle. Skincare is not limited to skincare products and skincare routines, while those are important, stress is a major cause for unhealthy skin. A few lifestyle changes will help improve our mental state, as well as our skin. A good book, relaxed sleep, exercise is all required to live a balanced stress-free life. Also, do not underestimate the power of a calming Spa Day.


7 Ways to Fade Sun Damage – Recommended by Dermatologist Dr Dray

7 Ways to Fade Sun Damage – Recommended by Dermatologist Dr Dray


Ultraviolet radiation from the sun not only cause sunburn, but it also penetrates deeper into the skin and destroys collagen, which is what ultimately forms wrinkles and fine lines. Ultraviolet radiation also damages the DNA within our skin cells which not only causes sun damage but can also lead to skin cancer.

Dr. Dray reminds us that it is extremely difficult to correct sun damage and get rid of it but there are few things you can do that will help fade sun damage on the face and body.

Note: The product links in this post are for your benefit and mine. If you use them to make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon, as part of their affiliate program. Thank you!

Here is Dr. Dray’s original video on this topic. 

1. Wear a Sunscreen


If you are a regular on my website, or watch Dr. Dray’s videos, this should come as no surprise. Sunscreen is non-negotiable. If you have not started wearing an SPF yet start now. It does not matter what your age is. I discovered the importance of wearing a sunscreen just two years ago, and trust me, it has saved my skin.

Wearing sunscreen lowers the number of sun-damaging skin cells in the skin. It can reduce the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, visible signs of skin aging and reduces the risk of forming skin cancer. It is never too late to start protecting your skin from the Sun.

Do not forget to apply sunscreen to your eyelids, lips, back of your legs, arms, and other body parts that we often tend to overlook.

Click here for some of the best sunscreen recommendations by dermatologist Dr. Dray. 

Sun protection does not stop at wearing an SPF on your face, Sun protective clothing is also a good idea to consider. Here is one recommended by Dr. Dray.

2. Include an Antioxidant Serum

Antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress. UV exposure lowers the antioxidants that we naturally have in our skin, so it is good practice to include antioxidants in our skin care routines to help reduce some of that oxidative stress from Sun’s ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Sunscreen fails to block the Infrared radiation from the sun, which is where an antioxidant comes to the rescue.

Vitamin C is the most popular antioxidant. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is a well-researched product that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends in her video. The product has shown to not only reduce damage from the ultraviolet radiation but also reduces damage from the infrared radiation. Dr. Dray typically recommends inexpensive products, so if she recommends one that is expensive, it is guaranteed a fantastic one. Skinceuticals C E Ferulic is a great product to add if you are looking to include a good Vitamin C serum into your skincare routine.

Use a little bit of the antioxidant serum in the morning, once it is absorbed into your skin, apply sunscreen. The combination of two is a great one to fight and fade sun damage.

Here are some affordable options of antioxidants that dermatologist Dr Dray recommends –

3. Retinol / Retinoid

Sunscreen during the day and retinoids at night. Now that we have Vitamin C covered, lets get into the importance of Vitamin A, aka Retinol or Retinoids.

Retinoids are the most evidence-based ingredient for improving visible signs of photoaging and help the skin handle the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation much better. They remove sun damaged skin cells, smooth out the surface of the skin, they help reduce sunspots, age spots, retinoids help the skin recover from DNA damage and help boost up collagen production.

I have a post about some of the best retinols and retinoids recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray, click here for that.


4. At-Home Peel

These products combine chemical exfoliants that exfoliate the surface layer of the skin and remove some of that sun damage, smooth out the skin in doing so, and ultimately give you bright, healthy looking skin. If used on a consistent weekly basis, they also help improving the moisture content of the skin.

Remember not to use these products too frequently, as they will cause irritation to the skin. Dr. Dray recommends slowly introducing these peels slowly to your skin, use two or three times a week. Make sure you are really good with your sun protection when using these products. The results are subtle so do not expect overnight miracles with them.

Some other Dr. Dray recommended peels to try at home are below:

Click here for the best THE ORDINARY recommendations by dermatologist Dr. Dray. 

The above-mentioned steps are things you can do by yourself to help fade sun damage. If you are looking to dive deeper into this and open to getting a procedure from a professional, seeking a dermatologist is a good idea. Let’s look at some procedures recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray.

5. In Office Peel

There are some peels that you can get done in a dermatologist’s office. Getting a professional peel is definitely an upgrade to an at-home peel, because a dermatologist will know which ingredients to add or remove from a peel according to your specific skin type and requirement. Dr. Dray recommends a glycolic acid peel for fading sun damage.

Benefits of a glycolic Acid Peel:

  1. Exfoliates the skin more intensely.
  2. Improves the look of sun damage.
  3. Helps boost collagen production.

Click here for some of the best Cleansers and Cleansing Oils that dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends. 


6. Radiofrequency Microneedling

This is another procedure you can get done to help with sun damage. This is an amazing technique that will improve skin texture, reduce hyperpigmentation, remove some of those sun damage skin cells. It stimulates cell renewal and collagen production. This procedure improves the look of fine lines and can diminish the appearance of pores. Sun damage will enlarge your pores, this is something a lot of people do not know.

Radiofrequency Microneedling is also a great procedure to consider if you want to reduce skin scars. It is safe on any skin tone. At least three sessions of this procedure are recommended for the best results.

7. Fraxel

Fraxel is a lazer treatment that stimulates healing response of the skin, it helps increase collagen production, improves skin texture, great for scars. It has a skin tightening effect and reduces the look of large pores. It helps create firmer, smoother, even-toned skin.

Click here for 5 best skincare products from 2020, as recommended by Dr. Dray. 

Wrapping Up

We all want amazing skin, we all want to look younger, but do not forget to see the bigger picture here. These recommendations, and others on my website are not just for beautification. Yes, that is great, and I will not sit here and act like I do not care about beauty, but it is important to remember that sun damage is a major cause for skin cancer, and skin cancer causing cells. It is never too late to protect your skin from the sun.

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!







Top 3 Anti-Aging Products From The Ordinary – Recommended by Dr. Dray



Antioxidant based products are good to include to your skincare routine. Antioxidants when applied to the skin may help in reducing oxidated stress that is generated upon exposure to environmental stressors like pollution, ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tobacco smoke.

Sunscreen helps block out the ultraviolet radiation from the sun and protects the skin from damage, but it cannot protect the skin a 100% and free radicals are still generated. Therefore, the idea of incorporating an antioxidant-based product will help reduce some of the damage caused by those free radicals. In layman’s terms, these products would be good to use for anti-aging purposes and will help make your skin look smoother, healthier, and by default younger.

It is essential to wear sunscreen on top of any antioxidant product, I have some sunscreen recommendations, that are used and loved by dermatologist Dr. Dray, check the list out here! 

If you prefer a video format, then you can watch Dr. Dray’s original video on this.

There are several antioxidant-based products out there, but as Dr. Dray says, there is no need to spend a ton of money on these products. There are several affordable and effective products with antioxidants on them. The Ordinary as we all know, is famous for providing affordable products and using evidence-based ingredients in their formulation. The brand offers simple, no nonsense skincare products that are easily available.

Click here for TOP 10 Dr. Dray’s favorites from The Ordinary. 

Dermatologist Dr. Dray makes it known that you do not need to use all the antioxidant-based products she recommends. Just pick one and that should be good enough. Dr. Dray recommends the following three antioxidant-based serums that according to her, are the best ones offered by The Ordinary. If I am to listen to anybody with reference to skincare, it will be a board-certified dermatologist, Like Dr. Dray, so keep reading to find out what her top 3 picks are!

Note: The product links in this post are for your benefit and mine. If you use them to make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon, as part of their affiliate program. Thank you!

Looking for retinol recommendations by Dr. Dray? Click here! 



1. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

Dr. Dray recommends this anti-aging serum


This product offered by The Ordinary is surprisingly not as talked about as some of the other products by the brand. You get two antioxidant ingredients with this anti-aging serum, Caffein and EGCG. Caffein is both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Caffein, therefore is not only useful for reducing wrinkles, fine lines, and skin cancer risk, but also helps in improving the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.


Caffein also reduces the chances of you developing hyperpigmentation, so it is a preventative measure as well. Caffein has also been known to reduce cellulite, dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends rubbing caffein in areas where you have cellulite to help reduce it. There is no miraculous product to help reduce cellulite, cellulite is extremely difficult to get rid of, but there is data that caffein applied to the skin can result in reducing the appearance of cellulite.


Caffein is also helpful for reducing redness, and the appearance of dark undereye circles. Again, like cellulite, dark undereye circles will most likely not disappear if they are hereditary. Be mindful of that before rubbing caffein all around your eyes.


The second antioxidant in this serum, is the EGCG, which dermatologist Dr. Dray calls a golden child. EGCG has anti-cancer properties, has been shown to improve the appearance of pores and minimizes oiliness.


How to use This Serum – Use a few drops of this product to clean skin in the morning. Make sure you use sunscreen over this product. Failing to use a sunscreen over an antioxidant will take your skin a few steps back instead of forward.

Click here for The best Elta MD Sunscreens recommended by Dr. Dray!

2. The Ordinary Euk 134 Serum 0.1%


This product has an enzyme that is naturally present in the skin that helps in converting damaging free radicals to oxygen in water. With age, and exposure to environmental stressors, the levels of this enzyme in our skin decline, and there is evidence that shows that applying this enzyme topically to the skin is greatly beneficial and can help quite a bit in reducing the burden of oxidative stress.

There is some data to support that this is a viable way to reduce oxidative stress in the skin.

How to use this Serum – Use a few drops of this product to clean skin in the morning and put sunscreen on top, just like the caffein based serum mentioned above. Dr. Dray highly recommends using sunscreen on top of any antioxidant-based product. Do not use any acids – alpha hydroxy acids or beta hydroxy acids, alongside this serum. Also, you should stay away from Vitamin C serum in the morning when you use this EUK 134 Serum.

If that is too many restrictions for you, just try one of the other antioxidant-based serums mentioned in this post.


3. The Ordinary Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid


This is another serum that offers two antioxidants – Resveratrol and Ferulic acid.

The former is great for people who suffer from sunspots, or hyperpigmentation. There is a lot of evidence that proves that this ingredient works. It is also anti-inflammatory, helps reduce redness and irritation of the skin. When applied to the skin, resveratrol fights off free radicals and boosts up the bodies own antioxidant pathways.


Ferulic acid is wonderful for reducing the burden of oxidative stress from the sun. It has natural sunscreen properties, but please do not use it as a sunscreen, it is not a substitute for SPF. It does, however, enhance the benefit of wearing sunscreen by pairing it with this product.

This serum helps people with melasma as well, resveratrol is quite well tolerated, ferulic acid might cause irritation so Dr. Dray recommends doing a patch test with this before putting it all over your face.


How to use This Serum – Use a few drops of this product to clean skin in the morning, allow it to absorb fully and then apply sunscreen on top of it. Make sure you use sunscreen over this product. As mentioned before, failing to use a sunscreen over an antioxidant will take your skin a few steps back instead of forward. Do not pair this product with The Ordinary Euk 134 serum.


Wrapping Up


Dr. Dray suggests it would be best to just buy one of these anti-aging serums. Test them first, and slowly incorporate it into your skincare routine. These serums can be used twice a day as well, but if you are just getting started with these serums, it would be best practice to use once a day first and if you find that your skin is tolerating it well, you can increase that to twice a day. Do not forget to apply a sunscreen on top of them during the day!

Including an antioxidant-based product is definitely worth considering, it can help with acne flare-ups, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, visible signs of photoaging and other inflammatory skin conditions.

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!



5 Skincare Ingredients You Didn’t Know You Needed – Dr. Dray


Dermatologist Dr. Dray discloses 5 skincare ingredients that you need in your skincare routine. Some of these ingredients are quite popular but you may not be using them to their full potential. Dr. Dray talks about these and some of the best products containing these skincare ingredients that you can choose from.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.



Benefits of Benzoyl Peroxide

1. Reduces Acne
2. Reduces Body Odor
3. Reduces Ingrown Hairs
4. Exfoliates the skin.
5. Helps reduce skin bumps.
6. Helps with Impetigo – A skin condition caused by using gym equipment or participating in team/contact sports.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a popular skincare ingredient that you have probably heard of in terms of acne. Yes, this ingredient is helpful when treating acne, but did you know that Benzoyl Peroxide has other benefits as well? Benzoyl Peroxide can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to body odor as well. Who knew!

Especially useful in the summer, if you sweat a lot in the armpits, consider a benzoyl peroxide wash. Lather it around your armpits, let it sit on the skin for a few minutes and wash it off. This helps cut down on bacteria that would otherwise result in sweat.

Benzoyl Peroxide is an anti-bacterial ingredient, the difference between other anti-bacterial ingredients and benzoyl peroxide is that the bacteria that live under the skin does not build resistant to benzoyl peroxide. This skincare ingredient is also anti inflammatory so if you deal with ingrown hairs, try a benzoyl peroxide wash in that area. It exfoliates, thus cuts down the chances of ingrown hairs.

This skincare ingredient is also useful for people who have smelly feet, just lather the product containing this skincare ingredient, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it out.

Dr. Dray Recommended Products with Benzoyl Peroxide


Click here for The Best Skincare Products of 2020 – Recommended by Dr. Dray


Benefits of Retinoids

1. Reduces Acne
2. Reduces Hyperpigmentation
3. Reduces Sun Damage
4. It has anti-aging properties, reduces age Spots.
5. Reduces Wrinkles
6. Reduces Freckles
7. Helps reduce enlarged Oil Glands.
8. Reduces Milia.

Retinoids are forms of Vitamin A that for the most part are helpful for acne and anti-aging purposes. Mostly retinoids are a prescription only skincare ingredients, but they are available over the counter in some cases as well. Adapalene is a form of retinoid available in stores, this skincare ingredient is useful for acne. It can also be used in improving the appearance of sun damage.

There is scientific proof that Adapalene can be useful in reducing sunspots, age spots, freckles, wrinkles. This skincare ingredient is not just for the face, you can use it on your body as well. It gently exfoliates the skin and helps with enlarged oil glands on the skin, which is a common skin condition.

Retinoids are also beneficial when dealing with milia, which is a skin condition when you develop tiny bumps on the skin. Hyperpigmentation is another area that can benefit from using adapalene, or other retinoids.

Dr. Dray Recommended Products with Retinoids

Looking for more information about retinoids and retinols and product recommendations? I have a blog post up about that. Click here for Top 6 Retinol Recommendations by Dr. Dray.


Benefits of Petrolatum

1. Heals cuts.
2. Helps first degree burns.
3. Helps with dry, crusty eyelids.
4. Heals chapped lips.
5. Reduces chafing.

This skincare ingredient is a skin protectant, it reduces water reduction and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. It provides a seal to the skin and facilitates healing if you cut your skin or suffer from first degree burns.

The most common product with this skincare ingredient is good old Vaseline. Petrolatum is the only skincare ingredient in Vaseline, which is why Vaseline is dermatologist Dr. Dray’s favorite when it comes to this skincare ingredient. However, there are some other brands that include this skincare ingredient in their products.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment is another Petrolatum based ingredient, it does have a few other ingredients, which could lead to allergies, in case you are sensitive to those ingredients. Vaseline does not have that issue since it is 100% Petrolatum. CeraVe Healing Ointment is another Petrolatum Dr. Dray favorite. This contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid which provides a skin barrier to the skin and adds more moisture to the skin.

Dr. Dray Recommended Products with Petrolatum


Benefits of Urea

1. Great for addressing dry skin – helps retain moisture.
2. Improves skin barrier.
3. Great for nail health – helps with nail fungus.
4. Helps with dry, crusty feet – You will not need a pedicure!
5. Psoriasis – It will help soften the scales away.
6. Exfoliates skin and helps with skin discoloring and evens out skin tone.

Nobody talks about this ingredient, maybe because the name sounds like urine, and it does not sound too appealing to advertisers. However, this skincare ingredient is a gem and a must have for everybody to have in their skincare cabinet.

Dr. Dray Recommended Products with Urea


This one is a no brainer, people in general know that sunscreen is a must and the most important skincare ingredient. The reason why this skincare ingredient has been included here is because people sometimes forget to put SPF in certain parts of the body, or simply do not bother putting it on certain areas.

A study was conducted to find out which areas are the most neglected areas that people forget to put sunscreen, and here is the list of the findings.

Click here for the Best Sunscreen recommendations by Dr. Dray

The most neglected body parts as far as SPF is concerned are:

1. Eyelids – The skin around the eyes is very delicate and the sun can do a lot of damage to your eyelids, cancer around this area is also getting more and more common, skin discoloration, hyperpigmentation around the eyes is an issue as well, that can be reduced by applying SPF around your eyelids, also wearing sunglasses is important.

2. Lips – Another common area where people forget to use SPF are the lips. Lips are skin, lips are delicate, lips are exposed to the sun as much as the rest of the face. Our lips need some SPF love as well, especially because lips do not have the pigment that the rest of our skin has to fight some of that UV radiation. Regular sunscreen can be used to the lips, but they can be drying. Since sunscreen is easily rubbed off from the lips, it can be useful to have a lip balm with SPF.

  • Vanicream Lip SPF 30 – Can be used to protect your lips, as well as to the skin around the eyes. This will not burn your eyes and is safe to be used around the eyes.


3. Ears – the front and the back of the ears need to be protected from the sun as well.

4. Hands – Sun damage is not just for the face; the sun does not discriminate and can do as much damage to the rest of your body as well. Dr. Dray protects her arms by wearing driving gloves, and that would be the best way to protect your hands from the sun. The same sunscreen can be used on your face and hands.

5. Feet – Sun damage to your feet is not uncommon. We have all been there, tan lines across the feet are not new. I am not sure how, but even during lockdown and after being quarantined at home for months, I still managed to get sun damage on my feet. It is time to start using SPF on every exposed body part, for sure! Especially during the summers when we love wearing sandals and flip flops.

6. Scalp – This is not going to be an everyday occurrence, but it is good to know the importance of scalp protection from the sun as well. Consider putting the sunscreen on your scalp, especially if you have dealt with sunburn on the scalp. Skin cancers on the scalp are quite common, if you have a lot of hair protecting your scalp, you can probably skip this one; but if you are someone with thinning hair, or if you are rocking a bald head look, a sunscreen to the scalp is something you should consider.

Regular sunscreen will do, but if you do have some hair on your head, a regular sunscreen will make it greasy, frizzy, unmanageable, brittle, and difficult to wear.

The best protection for the scalp is a hat, but if you are by the pool or in the water, Dr. Dray highly recommends:


So, there it is, five key skincare ingredients that Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends you include in your skincare cabinet. You need to be consistent with your skincare products for them to start showing results. Skincare ingredients are not magic, do not expect to use a product once and find all your skin solutions the next morning. Stick to them, it usually takes a couple of weeks to see any results, but you can do it!

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!


Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dermatologist Dr. Dray Approved

Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dermatologist Dr. Dray Approved


Elta MD is a cruelty free skincare brand that is sold in dermatologist offices and some other retailers, including Amazon. Elta MD is a skincare brand that dermatologist Dr. Dray uses and recommends. Remember that sunscreens need to be reapplied every two hours for full protection, regardless of which one you choose.

Quiz time

What is the most important product when it comes to skincare? If you guessed sunscreen, you are absolutely correct. One of the few products that can brag about anti-aging properties, and easily the most crucial product for healthy skin is sunscreen. I have a post about the best sunscreens recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray, you can check it out here.

Next question, what is the second most important product when it comes to skincare? If you guessed moisturizer, you get full points! Sunscreen for daytime, and moisturizer for nighttime is all you need. Here is a post with the top moisturizer recommendations by Dr. Dray.

Curious about a dermatologist’s day and night skincare routine? I have you covered. Click here for Dr. Dray’s Step by Step skincare day and night routine.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dr. Dray Approved

1. Elta MD UV Sport Sunscreen

This is a good choice for people who spend or plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, especially during the summertime. This is a combination sunscreen, that means that this has mineral active ingredients as well as chemical active ingredients for maximum sun protection. Combination sunscreens typically do not leave a white cast on the skin when applied. This sunscreen stays in place and does not run into the eyes when running around and sweating. Plan on being active this summer, or heading to the beach? This is a great choice.

dermatologist dr. dray

2. Elta MD UV Active Sunscreen

Unlike UV Sport, this one is a mineral only sunscreen. If you are someone who finds chemical sunscreens a little irritating, this is a better choice for you. This one does not contain any hyaluronic acid for those who find that their skin is sensitive to that ingredient.

3. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen

This is a fantastic sunscreen for you if you have extremely oily skin. This is very matte and works well under makeup. This is a combination sunscreen and has niacinamide in it, which has many benefits, but it might burn some people, so if your skin is sensitive to niacinamide, this is not the sunscreen for you.

4. Elta MD UV Clear Tinted Sunscreen

If you prefer tinted sunscreen, this is the tinted version of the same sunscreen (3). The tint of this sunscreen is a little orange, but it is quite good. The advantage of tinted sunscreen is that it contains iron oxide, which helps with hyperpigmentation. If you have a deeper skin tone that deals with hyperpigmentation, try this tinted sunscreen for the added advantage.

5. Elta MD UV Daily Sunscreen

This sunscreen is a lot more moisturizing than UV Clear; it also has hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic based products work particularly well for people who live in humid climate. This is also a combination sunscreen that gives your skin a more glowy look.

6. Elta MD UV Physical Tinted Sunscreen

This is a mineral sunscreen that is tinted. The tint on this sunscreen will not make you look orange. It is a lot more subtle and works really well if you have medium to deep skin tone. Tinted sunscreens, as mentioned before, help with hyperpigmentation. Dr. Dray has been using this one for years and continues to love it. This is a very moisturizing sunscreen, but it is not shiny. This will be good for you if you live in a dry climate, as it has no hyaluronic acid.

7. Elta MD UV Elements Tinted Sunscreen

This is another tinted mineral only sunscreen by Elta MD. It is water resistant, has hyaluronic acid so beware if you are sensitive to that. It is a moisturizing sunscreen that has Vitamin E in it, which is an antioxidant.

8. Elta MD Replenish Sunscreen

This one is very similar to UV Elements. It is water resistant, SPF 44, it is a mineral only sunscreen with hyaluronic acid just like UV Elements. This will leave a noticeable white cast compared to UV Elements, so deeper skin tones should probably pick another one. This sunscreen is moisturizing, it is not drying.

9. Elta MD UV Restore Sunscreen

This is a mineral only sunscreen which is not water resistant, so it is good for days that you will spend mostly indoors. Not good for active days spent in the sun, this is a good moisturizing, everyday sunscreen. This sunscreen has squalene and ginger root, it gives the skin a luminous glow. The non-tinted version will leave a white cast, the tinted version is a little orangey. This Elta MD sunscreen is completely vegan too.

10. Elta MD UV Shield Sunscreen

This SPF 45 is pretty similar to UV Daily. The difference being that this one has no hyaluronic acid, so if you are sensitive to that, this is the one you should go for. This is a good everyday moisturizer with SPF.

11. Elta MD UV Pure Sunscreen

This one is another exclusively mineral sunscreen, it will leave a white cast so beware of that if you have a deeper skin tone. This is a good sunscreen if you are active and spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. It does not have hyaluronic acid in it. This has Vitamin C ester in it, an ingredient that helps smoothen and brighten the skin, but if your skin is irritated by that, avoid this sunscreen. Get UV Active instead, which is similar to UV Pure but does not have the Vitamin C ester in it. Both these sunscreens are water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Wrapping Up

Elta MD is cruelty free, and if you are looking for a vegan sunscreen, the UV Restore sunscreen is the one for you. Vegan and cruelty free sunscreens are hard to come by. A lot of people are sensitive to hyaluronic acid, so hopefully this list will help you decide which sunscreen is the best one for your skin type.

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!


Dr. Dray – Top 10 Vanicream Skin Care Products

Dr. Dray – Top 10 Vanicream Skin Care Products


Looking for simple yet effective skincare? Look no further! Dr. Dray has you covered with some of the best products offered by Vanicream. We all love cute packaging, I am no exception, those cute, colorful bottles with attractive patterns and sparkles, oh yes! Gimme it! However, it is more important to compromise on the bottles and focus on the product that is inside the bottle. All that glitters is not gold, and that is the lesson that we learn again and again by watching dermatologist Dr. Dray’s videos. Prefer to see Dr. Dray’s original video? Click Here for the link.

Some of the best skin care products seem to be found in the simple packaging that we often overlook because they are not shiny enough. Vanicream with its plain but neat blue and white packaging is one such skin care brand that is but should not be overlooked. Dr. Dray recommends some of the best skincare products offered by Vanicream.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

Top 10 Gems by Vanicream as Recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray


1. Vanicream Z Bar

This is a cleansing bar that helps with dermatitis, rosacea etc. It is gentle, anti-inflammatory. This nondrying cleanser can be used daily for any skin type.

8 Best Oil Cleansers and Cleansing Balms – Recommended by Dr. Dray, Click Here! 

Dr. Dray

2. Vanicream Antiperspirant

Most antiperspirants can be drying and irritating. Most of them have fragrance which is something that leads to a lot of allergic reactions. This antiperspirant by Vanicream is safe to use. Use it to your arm pits at nighttime before going to bed, not in the morning. This reduces sweat from the arm pits by trickling down to your skin. The rate of sweat outpour is minimum at night, which is what makes this product work.

3. Vanicream Aluminum Free Deodorant

This is a good option for people who are easily irritated by aluminum. This deodorant is an aluminum free, gel formula. This is moisturizing and helps remove sweat off the surface of the skin. It will not reduce sweat outflow like the Vanicream Antiperspirant.

4. Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream

This is a thick moisturizing cream for regions with dry weather. People with extremely dry skin, rosacea, or eczema will benefit the most from this moisturizing cream. This cream will probably not work for you if you live in humid regions, because it is pretty heavy. Like any other body moisturizer, this one can also be used on the face, but keep in mind that it is a very thick formula, so the effectiveness of this as a face cream, will depend on how dry or oily your skin is.

Top 10 Moisturizers recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray – Click Here! 

5. Vanicream Lotion

This product is a water-based lotion, more fast absorbing. It is more light weight than the moisturizing cream. This makes it more suitable for skin maintenance. It will not help as much for specific skin conditions that can be addressed by the thick cream. However, this is a good lotion to maintain hydration levels in your skin, and for daily use.

6. Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer

This has hyaluronic acid, a humectant that helps hold on to water in the skin. Ceramides can also help reduce some of the burden of UV damage from the sun. This product adds a healthy glow to the skin. Great to use in the morning underneath your sunscreen.

7. Vanicream Facial Cleanser

This a low risk, gentle cleanser. Reduces the dirt, pollutants from the skin. This cleanser is good for people with sensitive skin or eczema.

8. Vanicream Gentle Body Wash

Dr. Dray warns against using too much body wash, however it is still important to wash your body on areas with skin folds, and to remove sweat, dirt and for people with specific skin conditions. This is a no nonsense body wash that is a good one to try out.

I have a post about Top 10 Dr. Dray recommended Body Washes and Body Bars. Click here for that! 

9. Vanicream Lip Protectant Sunscreen

This mineral sunscreen for the lips, will leave a white cast but it is a good one. Lips are skin, and like all other skin, lips need sun protection too. The white cast fades quickly and will give a pinky glow to your lips. It can also be used on your eyelids to protect those delicate babies from the sun too!

10. Vanicream Mineral Sunscreen

This water-resistant mineral sunscreen also leaves a cast like any other water-resistant mineral sunscreen. You can always use a tinted moisturizer or foundation on top if the white cast bothers you. This leaves your face feeling shiny, so if you like that, this is a good one to try out. Safe to use around your eyes, this sunscreen is very moisturizing, and you will not have a problem with sunscreens drying your skin out. If you notice that sunscreens sting or burn you, do try this one out.

Top 16 Sunscreen recommendations by Dr. Dray – Click here! 

Wrapping Up

Vanicream has several other wonderful products but this is Dermatologist Dr. Dray’s top 10 list, so not every product makes the cut. The ten products mentioned here are her favorites and worth trying out.


Dermatologist Dr. Dray’s AM & PM Skincare Routines – Step by Step (with Product Recommendations)



Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends keeping skincare routines minimalistic, less is more when it comes to skincare, however, it is crucial to never be stingy with sunscreen. The essential skincare products are necessary to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Let’s be honest, when it comes to skincare, most of us just wing it, which is why it is useful to see what a board-certified dermatologist like Dr. Dray not only recommends to her clients, but also follows herself every day.

If you prefer the video format, here is Dr. Dray’s original skincare routine video. 

Dr. Dray’s PM Skincare Routine

In general, we are tempted to ignore skincare at night and focus more on our morning skincare routine. It is important to remember that our skin rests, rejuvenates and heals itself at night, when our whole body, mind and soul are at ease. Hence, it is a better practice to concentrate more on your nighttime skincare routine than the daytime skincare routine. Likewise, dermatologist Dr. Dray has a more elaborate PM skincare routine.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

Now let’s get into it!

1. The Double Cleanse Method – Step 1 – Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Balm

People seem to think that cleansing the face is not necessary at night if you do not wear makeup. However, hopefully you are wearing a sunscreen, and reapplying it throughout the day. Sunscreen needs to be cleansed too. It is invisible, but it is still makeup, it is still cosmetic, and it needs to be washed off before you get into bed at night.

Dermatologist Dr. Dray prefers nighttime showers, and before getting in the shower she uses an oil cleanser to break up the film of water-resistant sunscreen from her face. This will also help makeup wearers disrupt the film of makeup, dirt, or sweat from the skin as well.

A lot of people gravitate to using makeup wipes, makeup removers, micellar water, and the likes but Dr. Dray prefers using a cleansing oil, because using the other methods will require you to rub the skin a lot more than using a cleansing oil. Being gentle on your skin is the best thing you can do for it to make it look healthy and happy forever.

The Cleansing Oil Dr. Dray uses and recommends is the Neutrogena Body Oil. Yes, body oils are safe to be used on your face as well. It is oil, and that is the main thing to remember here.

If you are interested in other Cleansing Oil and Cleansing balm recommendations by Dr. Dray, click here. I have an entire blog post dedicated to her top favorite Cleansing oils and Cleansing balms. Pick your favorite and move on to Step 2.

Click here for some Neutrogena Favorites by Dr. Dray


2. The Double Cleanse Method – Step 2 – Cleanser


Dr. Dray gently rubs the cleansing oil on her face and neck, getting the mascara off, sunscreen off, and then runs her face under the shower. This process will remove most of the stuff from your skin. This is followed by step 2, which is to wash your face, and the remaining cleansing oil on your face with a gentle cleanser. The one dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends is the CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser. Just spread it on your face neck, in gentle circles and that is all the exfoliating your skin requires. No need for the extra scrubbing or exfoliants.

Here are top CeraVe products recommended by Dr. Dray.


3. Body Wash

Now that we have the face covered, the next step is the rest of your body. Dr. Dray recommends cleansing your body specifically in areas you have skin folds, or areas that are soiled or sweaty, or body washes that are targeted towards skin conditions like acne, rosacea, etc. Typically, body washes have too much soap, which is not ideal for the skin, as it strips the skin of its natural moisturizers and causes dryness, irritation, and in some cases, even allergies.

The body wash Dr. Dray recommends is another gem by CeraVe. The CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser. Yes, it is okay to use face washes as a body wash. Peroxyl’s Benzoyl Peroxide Wash is another recommendation. Benzoyl Peroxide is anti-inflammatory, anti-acne. Just apply this to your skin folds, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off. The anti-bacterial properties will also help with body odor.

The CeraVe body wash is also a great one!

Wondering which other body cleansers and bar soaps Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends? Do not worry! Here is a list of her top picks!


4. Body Moisturizer

Next, Dr. Dray does not use towels to dry herself. She uses a cotton tee shirt to wrap her hair up while still in the shower, this makes sure that most of the water from the shower has dripped off. On the damp skin, she uses a moisturizer or a lotion. Moisturizers work best when applied to the skin while it is still damp. Always, always follow a body wash with a body moisturizer.

Here are some other amazing moisturizer recommendations by Dr. Dray.

5. Facial Moisturizer

After moisturizing the body, Dr. Dray gets out and stands on a bamboo bath mat, which makes quite a difference. A bamboo bathmat makes a huge difference, as they do not harbor mold, they last a lot longer and are easy to clean. This is where she follows up with a facial moisturizer. The one she recommends is Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night Moisturizer.

Here are some of Dr. Dray’s top Cetaphil Products for skincare.


6. Lip Ointment

After moisturizing the face and the body, Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends a lip ointment. Yes, Lips are skin and need some love too. CeraVe Healing Ointment is a good one for anybody with lips. You can use it on any part of your body that is dry, like elbows and knees.


7. Retinols and Tretinoin

This step is not for everybody, but if you are someone who uses retinols, or Vitamin A, this is when you should apply it. It is best to put these on at night, as many forms of Vitamin A degrade with exposure to sunlight. Tretinoin is prescription only, but there are over the counter products as well. Differin Gel is the most popular one of those. Neutrogena’s Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream is another great product.

If you are looking for a list of Dr. Dray recommended retinols, click here!


8. SLEEP – Non-Negotiable

Last but not the least is going to sleep. Sleep is the most important step that helps your skin. Adequate sleep is a must for good healthy skin. 8 hours of high-quality sleep is highly recommended.


Dr. Dray’s AM Skincare Routine



As mentioned before, Dr. Dray’s morning skincare routine is not as elaborate as her PM skincare routine. This is simply because, our favorite dermatologist is quite busy in the morning and does the bare minimum. She does not wash her face in the morning, and just starts the day with the most important part of skincare. SUNSCREEN!

Washing your face in the morning is not necessary but it depends on personal preference. If you like washing your face in the morning, go ahead.

Dr. Dray encourages everybody to film themselves while wearing sunscreen, just so you know which parts you usually forget to put sunscreen on – around the eyes, nose, neck, sides of the face are areas that are usually skipped.

A Few Great Sunscreens to Try

1. Image Prevention Daily Ultimate Protection SPF 50

Combination sunscreen, meaning it has a mineral active ingredient and some chemical active ingredients for maximum protection.

2. Coppertone Defend & Care Oil Free SPF 50

This one is water resistant, so it is perfect for hot and humid days.

3. Eucerin Daily Hydration Cream SPF 30

This is a great choice for the body, areas that are exposed to the sun should also have sunscreen, so do not forget that. It is a good idea to wear sun protective clothing, hats, sunglasses, etc. for maximum protection from the sun.


4. Eucerin Daily Hydration Hand Cream SPF 30

Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day, so here is another option to protect your hands. This hand cream is moisturizing and has SPF in it, especially after washing your hands.

5. Vanicream Lip Protectant

Lips are often overlooked, but lips are skin and need sun protection. This one is a great one that Dr. Dray highly recommends.

Looking for a list of sunscreens suggested by Dr. Dray, click here for the post!



This one is not skincare related, but since we are talking about Dermatologist Dr. Dray’s morning routine, I felt the need to mention it. She uses a mascara, as the only beauty product, and recommends Maybelline’s Colossal in the shade Glam Black.

Wrapping Up

Different skin, different requirements, but seeing what a board-certified dermatologist does to ensure her skin is taken care of is useful. You can add or subtract the steps according to your preference but if you take one thing away from this post, it should be that sunscreens and moisturizers are crucial, and must not be ignored. The rest can follow.

Stay safe and keep your mind and skin calm!


Top 10 Body Washes and Bar Soaps – Recommended by Dr. Dray

Top 10 Body Washes and Bar Soaps – Recommended by Dr. Dray


Dr. Dray strictly recommends not to over wash your skin, because regular use of soap results in dry skin. The soap, while effective in removing dirt and oil, also strips the skin of its natural lipid barrier. Unfortunately, this leads to you losing water from the skin after cleansing, which consequently leads to skin infections.

Dr. Dray recommends being strategic when it comes to body washing and cleansing and avoid over doing it. It is advantageous to use soaps and cleansers in areas where there is skin on skin contact, body folds and areas that sweat a lot. Otherwise, there is no need to use body washes, unless you just came back from the beach, hike, or the playground.

Another reason to use a body wash or a soap is if they are medicated and meant for skin conditions like acne, folliculitis etc.

Prefer video to text? Here is the original video of Dr. Dray recommending her top picks of body cleansers. 

Bar Soap or Liquid Cleanser – The Better Choice?

Both bar soaps and liquid cleansers have advantages and disadvantages.

Liquid Cleansers are advantageous over bar soaps because –

  1. They tend to be a little less drying or irritating than bar soaps.
  2. They allow you to be a little more conservative regarding the amount of product you are using.

Bar Soaps are advantageous over liquid cleansers because –

  1. They are more environmentally friendly.
  2. Traditional bar soaps were harsh, drying, and irritating but the newer bar soaps are gentler and contain moisturizing ingredients.

Dr. Dray recommends using just your hands to wash your body with a liquid cleanser. She also prefers a washcloth over a loofah, when using a bar soap. Bar soaps tend to have a film around them which needs to be broken down, to do this she recommends using a washcloth to initiate the lathering process while ensuring that you do not end up with too much soap on your hands.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

The Best Bar Soaps and Liquid Cleansers

1. CeraVe Hydrating Bar

This cleansing bar is one that is frequently recommended by Dr. Dray. This is formulated with gentle surfactants but also includes petrolatum and different moisturizing ingredients that help seal in some of the trans epidermal water loss that comes from cleansing.

2. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash

If you prefer the liquid formulation to the bar soap, then here is another recommendation by Dermatologist Dr. Dray. This brand has so many gems when it comes to skin care. I have a post about Dr. Dray’s top CeraVe picks. Here is a link to that post if you are looking for some good CeraVe products.

3. Dove Beauty Bar – Fragrance Free

This is a great bar soap, unlike CeraVe, this one is missing the petrolatum, which is why CeraVe is definitely a better choice. This one by Dove is not a bad choice, however, make sure you are using the fragrance-free version.

4. Ceramedx Natural Ceramide Cleanser

This is a cruelty free, vegan alternative. This has very gentle surfactants, the sunflower seed oil in it is fantastic for people with eczema, or dry skin conditions. This fragrance-free formula is one of the top recommendations by Dr. Dray. She recommends using this on the face as well.

5. Aquanil Cleanser

This acne friendly cleanser is great for the face and the body. A little goes a long way when it comes to this cleanser. This may seem expensive but considering how little you need of the product; it is a great deal.

6. Eucerin Advanced Cleansing Bar Soap

Here is another great bar soap recommendation. Eucerin is another fantastic brand that has so many amazing products to choose from. They are often overlooked, but this bar soap is simple, effective, has moisturizing ingredients that is must for any top notch body wash, especially bars because they tend to be a bit more drying than the liquids.


7. Eucerin Baby Wash

If it is healthy for a baby, it is healthy for a grown up. At least when it comes to body cleansing. This baby wash by Eucerin is gentle for sensitive skin types and a good one to try out.

8. Cetaphil Restoraderm

Cetaphil does not need an introduction, when it comes to skincare, a lot of people trust this brand to deliver. Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends a lot of Cetaphil skin care products, and I have a post up about her Cetaphil top picks, click here to enter the post.

9. Vanicream Cleansing Bar

Vanicream is another brand that is often overlooked by people who are naturally distracted by shiny, fancy packaging. However, if you are someone who appreciates quality over packaging, this is a good choice when it comes to cleansers. Moisturizing, simple and effective.

10. Vanicream Body Wash

Prefer a liquid cleanser to a bar? Vanicream has you covered in that area as well. The same goodness of moisturizing humectants, in a liquid cleansing form is also a nice option to choose from.

Wrapping Up

To recap, there are many great body cleansers out there that might suit you and catch your fancy. This list is a good one to help you find one that you need. However, it is important to remember that little goes a long way when it comes to cleansing. Use enough to get rid of dirt and oil from your skin, but not so much that will strip your skin off its natural lipid barriers or cause dryness, and irritation. A lot of skin allergies are caused from the overuse of cleansers, so using more product than required might be counterproductive. Be wise and always follow up with a good moisturizer.


What is a good moisturizer you ask? Here is a list to help you make that decision!


The best aveeno products - Dermatologist Dr. Dray

Top 11 Aveeno Products – Recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray



You know a brand is wonderful, when a board-certified dermatologist, like Dr. Dray uses and recommends it. Aveeno uses colloidal oatmeal and oats in all its skincare products. Oats are proven to be useful in the treatment of a lot of different skin conditions.

The Benefits of Oats in Skincare

  1. Oats are rich in Lipids: Help in nourishing skin barrier.
  2. Oats contain antioxidants: Useful in reducing inflammation and irritation.
  3. Oats have a natural cleansing property to them: Useful for people with sensitive skin, as oats cleanse the skin without stripping the skin barrier.
  4. Oats are rich in compounds that soothe inflammation, irritation.
  5. Oats reduce symptoms of itch.
  6. Oats are also great to incorporate into your diet.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

Looking for the most essential skincare products? Find out what the 5 holy grail products are for Dermatologist Dr. Dray. Click here for the list!

The Best Aveeno Products as Recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray

1. Aveeno Soothing Colloidal Bath Treatment

This is to be put in the bath, this product is phenomenal for people with eczema or those battling poison ivy. It does not sting; it is soothing and gently cleanses the skin. Alternatively, this bath treatment can also be used as a face mask, just soak one of the packets into some water and use it as a face mask. It can be used before shaving as well. It lathers the skin and helps soften the skin.

Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommendations


2. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

Since we are talking about shaving, let’s talk about this fantastic shave gel by Aveeno. This is fragrance free, which is hard to find in the wonderful world of shaving. The ingredients in this will help you avoid knicks and bumps while shaving.

3. Aveeno Moisturizing Bar Soap

This affordable bar soap can be used on the face, the body and it is a mega gentle cleanser that can be used by people with sensitive skin as well.

4. Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash

If you prefer body washes to bar soaps, this is a good option for you to try. This cleanses, soothes and reliefs itchy skin. This body wash is gentle enough to use as a face wash.

Dr. Dray Recommendations

5. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Nourishing Night Cream

Moisturizing is a crucial step in anybody’s skin care routine. This moisturizer by Aveeno is a good one to check out if you have very dry skin, or mature skin.

6. Aveeno Calm+Restore Oat Gel Moisturizer

Heavy moisturizers scare you off? Then dermatologist Dr. Dray has a great recommendation for you. Dr. Dray raves about this moisturizer by Aveeno. This will work for you if you have oily skin and prefer a gentle, light weight moisturizer. It is soothing, absorbs quickly and does a great job moisturizing your skin. This has oat oil in it, which adds more lipids into the skin. This product is the one to try out if you have sensitive skin and fear trying new products.

This one is also rosacea friendly!

7. Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Facial Moisturizer: SPF 30

No Dr. Dray favorites video is going to be without a sunscreen recommendation. After all that is the most important part of your daily skin care routine, or at least it should be. Are you still not using a sunscreen? What are you waiting for? Have oily, greasy skin and think that you do not need sun protection? Think again! This was me two years ago, and trust me, it is better to start sunscreen today than tomorrow. Do not trust me? That is fine too…Just trust a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Dray.

I know I went on a little tangent there, okay back to the product. This is a mineral sunscreen, it has a cast, so if you have a deeper skin tone, that is something to keep in mind. It is non greasy, does not make your skin shiny, it is good for acne, eczema, rosacea, and other dry skin conditions. Oh and it is a moisturizer as well! Always a plus!

You can never have enough sunscreens, it is always required in your skincare routine, looking for the best sunscreen recommendations? I have a post about that – Top 16 sunscreens as recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray. 

8. Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Masks and Aveeno Repairing Cica Foot Masks

These are great to soak your hands or feet into it. Great for a spa night. Great to relax while watching Netflix. Great to gift others or use yourself when you need a relaxed night at home.

9. Aveeno Cracked Skin Relief

This one is a dupe to the Cica Hand and Foot Masks. A more environment friendly option. Just apply this to your hands and feet, and put on some cotton socks, or gloves for super soft, hydrated, and happy skin.

10. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Daily Moisturizing Cream

This has colloidal oatmeal and ceramides. This is a great cream for maintaining skin barrier, it is good for everyday moisturizing. Can be used on the face as well as the body. There is no niacinamide, so if you are someone who finds that niacinamide stings your skin, this is a good product to try out. Gentle, hydrating, soothing and effective. Dermatologist Dr. Dray often recommends this to people with eczema.

11. Aveeno Eczema Therapy Itch Relief Balm

If you find that your skin barrier is greatly impaired. If you have red, peeling, itchy, oozing skin, a balm is a great option to try out. These conditions happen when there is an eczema flare, or suffering from wind burn, or too many cosmetic peels. Irritated skin requires a balm or an ointment. A greasy balm option like this one is a fantastic choice for extremely dry skin conditions.

This can be used on the face, neck, hands, feet, basically anywhere on your body.


Wrapping Up – Great for Diabetics as well!

Another thing worth mentioning is that while helping people with eczema, rosacea, these products are also suitable to people with diabetes. People with diabetes are prone to slow wound healing, and poor circulation, especially in the lower parts of the body. Feet, particularly are prone to dryness in diabetics. So it great to consider using a thick moisturizer on the feet, like the Aveeno Eczema Balm, and put on socks to protect your feet, and do a happy dance!

These posts are for skin care enthusiasts who prefer to read, but if you would rather watch the video format, here is dermatologist Dr. Dray’s original video about The Best Aveeno Products. 

The best Sunscreens - Dr. Dray

Recommended by Dr. Dray: Top 16 Sunscreens (The Ultimate Guide)

Recommended by Dr. Dray: Top 16 Sunscreens (The Ultimate Guide)


Our favorite dermatologist Dr. Dray has quite a few videos up on her YouTube channel about the importance of sunscreens. Sunscreens are the most important product that every single person needs to apply every day. Especially when stepping out into the sun. It protects the skin from ultraviolet rays from the sun, it prevents the skin from sun damage, it is the best anti-aging product out there. Did you know that rays from the sun are the no. 1 reason for skin aging and skin cancer? Do not forget to use sunscreen around the eyes, lips, and the ears as well.

Fun Fact: Sunscreens do not cause Vitamin D deficiency. It is just a myth that should not be believed. Some experts argue that wearing sunscreens helps the body make more Vitamin D.

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of spending money, time, and money, (yes, I said money twice Intentionally), lets buy a sunscreen, and use it regularly. I did not start wearing sunscreen until last year, after watching Dr. Dray’s videos and it saved my skin.

Interested in some of the other products that are necessary for skin care? Here is a list of 5 holy grail products recommended by Dr. Dray. 

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

I know you are not here to watch me ramble on about the beauty of sunscreen, your being on this page means you already know; so lets just get into some of the best sunscreens, as recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray.

1. CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30: $13.97

This is a mineral sunscreen that is the best tinted sunscreen from the drugstore, according to Dr. Dray. The tint works well for medium skin tones, even people with a deeper skin tone can try this out and this should work fine. This is not greasy, it adds a good amount of moisturizer, this has niacinamide that is also known to be helpful for fighting off hyperpigmentation, it helps calm down redness as well.

Tinted sunscreens add a little more layer of protection for the skin from visible light from the sun, particularly for people with deeper skin tones. The only ingredients that protect against that are Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide. Iron Oxide is what creates the tint, which is why makeup also adds an extra layer of protection from the visible light from the sun as well.


2. CANMAKE Mermaid Skin Gel SPF 50: $11.99

This sunscreen contains Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These two ingredients together provide a good coverage from the sun. This sunscreen gives a subtle shimmery shine to the skin when applied.

Dr. Dray Sunscreens

3. Differin Oil Control SPF 30: $8.23

This product is a lower SPF of 30, so it is good for days when you stay at home mostly. This is a great everyday sunscreen and moisturizer for oily skin. It does not leave a cast and is non greasy. Another sunscreen that is identical to this one is the Cetaphil Pro Oil Absorbing Moisturizer with SPF 30. Both the Differin and the Cetaphil ones provide the same amount of coverage and are fantastic for those days when you are more likely to stay indoors.

4. Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40: $36.00

Looking for a matte sunscreen, this one is a good choice. This sunscreen is an excellent choice for people with oily skin. This sunscreen has a tint that adds a bronzy glow to the skin. It is very shimmery so make sure you are into that before buying this one. Side Note: It looks great on camera!


5. EltaMD UV Clear SPF 46: $36.00

This sunscreen is ideal for people with oily skin and acne prone skin. The ingredient list is short but sweet. This sunscreen leaves little to no cast on the skin. The niacinamide in it can help calm down redness, oiliness, hyperpigmentation. It is quite matte so quite nice for some of those humid summer days.

6. EltaMD UV Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50: $50.50

Another great sunscreen from this brand is this one. It is a water-resistant formula, it is a combination sunscreen, which means it has zinc which protects against UVA and UVB, along with chemical filters that protect against UVB. If you are sensitive to chemical sunscreens, try a combination sunscreen. It has little cast and will suit people with fair to medium skin tones. If you have deeper skin tone, the cast might be a bit much for you. Also remember that this sunscreen might make you look shiny. Count me in!

Looking for a little more advanced skin care routine, add a retinol. Don’t worry, I have a list for you. Well, Dr. Dray has a list for you. I am just a messenger, Click here for the post on the best Dermatologist suggested retinols. 

7. Nivea Sun UV Face Sensitive Soothing SPF 50: $13.98

This is a chemical sunscreen with wonderful filters for broad-spectrum protection. This sunscreen leaves no cast, it absorbs into the skin very quickly. It has SPF 50 and great for people with oily skin. The licorice root in it can help calm down redness as well. Safe to be used around the eyes.

8. NEOSTRATA DEFEND Sheer Physical Protection SPF 50: $29.70

This is a great tinted mineral sunscreen, the tint is very subtle, but if you have a deeper skin tone, this sunscreen is going to leave a white cast. This sunscreen also has green tea extract, which is an antioxidant that is helpful for reducing oiliness.

9. Summer Ready Innovative Sunscreen SPF 30: $24.99

Dr. Dray uses this sunscreen more as a body sunscreen than a face sunscreen. This is a chemical sunscreen; hence, it will not leave a cast. This is water resistant and does not burn.

10.  Vanicream Lip SPF 30: $5.20

It is important to protect your lips from the sun as well. You can use regular sunscreen on your lips as well, but that can be super drying, which is why Dr. Dray recommends this SPF lip balm. It is not irritating, it does leave a cast that can make your lips a shade lighter. You can just use a lipstick if the cast bothers you. A simple fix!

11. Cetaphil Sheer Mineral SPF 50

This Mineral sunscreen by Cetaphil is a great one. Mineral sunscreens are a great option for people with sensitive skin. It is also a good choice for people who complain about sunscreens burning their eyes. Mineral sunscreens are better tolerated around the eyes, including eyelids.

Yes! Eyelids need sun protection as well. The only problem with mineral sunscreens is that they do leave a white cast, which might be problematic for people with deeper skin tones. This sunscreen is super moisturizing and water resistant. The cast it leaves might be too much if you have a deeper skin tone. However, if you apply makeup, or a tinted sunscreen over it, the white cast can be easily camouflaged. A fantastic choice for people with rosacea.

12. Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Liquid Sunscreen SPF 50: $14.49

According to Dr. Dray, this one is as good as it is going to get with mineral sunscreens, and that is saying something! Same as the sheer mineral, this sunscreen is also a fantastic choice for SPF wearers. The cast this one leaves is not as obvious as the Sheer Mineral one. This is non greasy, water resistant and leaves a nice sparkle to the skin.

13. Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense SPF 60 Lotion

Neutrogena sunscreens might burn the skin sometimes, but this one is an exception. Neutrogena released two versions of this sunscreen, one SPF 60 and the other is SPF 30. The fragrance is a bit strong on these, which is why Dr. Dray prefers to use this as a body sunscreen. The higher the SPF, the better because people usually do not apply as much as they should be.

14. Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense SPF Face Spray SPF 50

If you use a spray, you still need to rub it into your skin. Remember that if you are looking to buy this spray by Neutrogena or any other SPF spray. This is a fast-absorbing sunscreen spray, which is beneficial if you are out on a hot and humid day. This one has fragrance in it as well, but this is good for those days spent outdoors. Dr. Dray suggests pumping the sprays into your hand and patting it into your skin.

15. Neutrogena Invisible Daily Defense Face Serum SPF 60

This one is a fragrance-free option with no white cast. The red dyes in this product might be problematic to people with very sensitive skin. Other than that, this is a nice option to try out.

16. Eucerin Daily Hydration SPF 30: $7.69

This is a great chemical sunscreen that can be used on your body, your face. It has no cast, no fragrance, very moisturizing and absorbs super-fast into your skin. It is good for people with sensitive skin.


Wrapping Up

Dermatologist Dr. Dray cannot stress the importance of wearing a sunscreen enough. However, she is not loyal to any one sunscreen. The list is not exhaustive and there are some others that she recommends. You can watch her videos to find out more if you are interested. The best sunscreen is the one that you use. The worst sunscreen is the one that sits in your shelf forever. Do not forget to use SPF on your eyes, lips, ears and body. It is the easiest way to younger, healthier skin.

Recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray: 5 Skincare Essentials (Holy Grail Products)

Recommended by Dermatologist Dr. Dray: 5 Skincare Essentials (Holy Grail Products)

I post about some of the best skin care products out there, as recommended by board certified dermatologists, but that does not mean that you need to add all of them, or even most of them to your daily skin care routine. When it comes to skin care, less is always more. In the past I have gotten over-enthusiastic about my skin and used way too many products than I needed, and let me tell you, it has always been a regretful decision. Resulted in acne flare ups at the most, or dry, irritated skin at the least.

So how much is too much? It depends on everybody’s skin type and skin requirements. However, if you must put a number on it, Dr. Dray has you covered. Dr. Dray did a video about her top 5 holy grail skin care products that would accompany her to a deserted island. I HAD to share!

If you would rather watch her original video, here is the link.

Retinols are a good add on to your skin, not a must have for every day skin requirements. The following list is all about skin essentials, but if you are looking for some dermatologist recommended retinols? Here is a post you can check out!

Ever wonder what are the holy grail skin care products for a dermatologist?

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.

Here is a list of 5 products that Dr. Dray uses & Recommends

1. Colorescience Sunforgettable Face Shield:

dermatologist dr. dray recommended

Sunscreen is quite obviously the most important product when it comes to skin care. Do not leave your house without it. While our favorite dermatologist Dr. Dray admits to not being super picky when it comes to sunscreen as long as it is sunscreen, this one by Colorescience is the one that she has bought and used the most. It is a mineral sunscreen with SPF 50, it is water resistant, and tinted. Not only is this water resistant, but also offers good protection against blue light, that largely comes from the sun as well as devices.

It is tinted and does provide a decent amount of coverage. It is no foundation, but it is good for those no makeup days. It comes in different tints that you can choose from.

Side Note: It is important to remember that sunscreen is also a cosmetic, it is invisible, but it is still a cosmetic, and just like makeup, it needs to be removed before going to bed. Looking for a good cleansing oil or a cleansing balm for the double cleanse method? Here is a post that might be of use to you. Click here.

2. CeraVe Healing Ointment:

This ointment is one that dermatologist Dr. Dray uses every day and will definitely take with her to a deserted island. This healing ointment helps lock in hydration into the skin and acts as a skin protectant. It can be used anywhere you have chaffing, dry, itchy skin or in places where the skin barrier has been compromised due to rubbing, an itchy nose during allergies for example.

3. CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser:

A facial cleanser is another holy grail product. It is imperative to wash your face at least once a day. It helps remove dirt, oils that can lead to build up in your skin, that might lead to allergies. A cleanser that Dr. Dray loves and recommends is CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser.

4. Vanicream:

This fourth product should come as no surprise to any skin care enthusiast. Or even for people who need just two skin care products in their daily routines. Sunscreen and a moisturizer are just it! Moisturizer is a necessary addition for anybody with skin, regardless of skin type. Yes, Oily skin also requires hydration. They help in reducing trans epidermal water loss out of the skin, that can contribute to dryness or even acne flare ups. Using moisturizers is also important to help your skin recover from environmental stressors.

Dermatologist Dr. Dray may not be loyal to a particular sunscreen or a cleanser, but she is faithful to Vanicream; apparently, they have a long history, and I am here for that kind of loyalty!
This is a no-nonsense moisturizer that comes with a pump. It has no fragrance or common allergens. It can be used on the face or body.

This is a good moisturizer, but not the only one Dr. Dray recommends. Here are a few other moisturizers that she loves. Click Here.

5. Kerasal Foot Repair:

Let’s not forget our feet and fingers. This cream softens calluses, can be used around toenails, fingernails. Helps keep the thick skin on the palms and soles soft and smooth. This cream completely transforms your heels. Dr. Dray recommends this foot cream over a salon visit for pedicures. Just get a urea foot cream and you will not need to worry about hiding your feet ever again.

Wrapping Up

That concludes the short and sweet list of Dermatologist Dr. Dray’s favorite products that will accompany her to a deserted island. These are products she uses and loves and recommends. Pretty basic, but if good skin is what you are looking for, and if you are a beginner just confused with the plethora of skin care products out there, these five products are a good way to get started. Toners, Retinols and other fancy products are great add ons to your skin care routine, but when it comes to the bare minimum, essential products for healthy skin, this is a good list to help you with that.