Top 8 Eye Creams – Recommended by Wayne Goss

Eye Creams – A Gimmick?

Looking for an eye cream that works? Read on to find out the top 8 eye creams, recommended by Wayne Goss.

I am very much a minimalist when it comes to skin care and I often find myself wondering if a certain product actually works or is just a gimmick, a fad if you will. One of the most debated products when it comes to this are eye creams. Do eye creams work, or are they simply a fad created by major brands to sell more products to naïve consumers?

To find out, I did what I do best, research. Good old Google to the rescue. Here is what I discovered – There are two points of view when it comes to the practicality of eye creams.

  1. Eye creams are not required, and any other face moisturizer can do the job.
  2. It is good sense to use a specialized eye cream for the sensitive skin under the eyes.

Some believe that eye creams are not required, others say they are definitely worth it. However, everybody agrees that the skin under the eyes is much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of the face, whether you are on Team A or Team B, it makes good sense that different skin requires different ingredients. It is not a stretch to say that it is reasonable to have products specializing in different needs. After all, you will not wash your body with shampoo, now would you? One specializes in skin, and the other in hair.

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Eye Creams – What Ingredients to Look for?


As mentioned, the skin under the eyes is overly sensitive, which is why it ages faster than the rest of the face. It wrinkles faster, which is where eye creams come into play. The function of an effective eye cream is therefore to smoothen out the skin under the eyes and reduce or postpone the look of wrinkles. Thus, the ingredients that help achieve that have been suggested by skin care experts. So, what are some ingredients to look for when looking into an eye cream?

  1. Retinol: It is no secret that retinol is one of the best anti-aging ingredients.
  2. Vitamin C: Also, one skin care ingredient that a lot of brands have discovered, explored, exploited.
  3. Ceramides: Super helpful when it comes to moisturizing. The only way you can avoid wrinkles, is through sunscreen and moisturizer.

Note: The product links in this post are for your benefit and mine. If you use them to make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon, as part of their affiliate program. Thank you!

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Top 8 Eye Creams – Recommended by Wayne Goss

Who is Wayne Goss? Now if you clicked on this post, you probably already know who Wayne Goss is. But, in case you do not, Wayne Goss is a makeup artist, one of the original YouTubers and a businessman. People know and love Wayne Goss for his expertise, as well as his humble, honest opinions about makeup and skin care brands and products.

Wayne Goss recently uploaded a video about The Best Eye Creams that Really Work, and I wanted to share it in a blog post format. His video is linked if you prefer a video format. 

Here it is:

1. Aurelia – Brightening Eye Serum:

It can be applied under and around the eyes, including the eye lids. It reduces inflammation, helps reduce wrinkles and helps the skin repair itself. Brightens the eye and helps reduce dark undereye circles. This eye cream also helps to minimize the puffiness that might come with age.

2. Paula’s Choice – Clinical Ceramide-Enriched Firming Eye Cream

Identified earlier as one of the best ingredients for the thin undereye skin, Ceramides. If it is included in the name of a product, you know it is one of the main ingredients in it. This eye cream is very, very thick, and perfectly suited for people with extremely dry skin under the eyes. It also contains Vitamin C and Retinol, which are also incredibly effective ingredients when it comes to eye creams or serums. 

3. Elizabeth Arden – Prevage

Super effective, and super expensive, this one comes with a metal spoon and an SPF 15. Sunscreen is imperative when it comes to skin care. No skin care will do any good if the skin is not being protected against the Sun. This product will help from sun damage, as well as smoothen out those wrinkles from under your eyes. 

4. Skin Glow London – Glow Mask Eye Mask

Wayne Goss - Eye Cream

This is an ideal eye cream for people who prefer using eye masks, as opposed to eye creams or serums. This Glow Mask Eye Mask has Vitamin C in it, also mentioned before as one of the main ingredients to watch out for when it comes to eye creams. Vitamin C will add a brightening effect to your eyes, which is never a bad thing.

5. CeraVe – Eye Repair Cream

This is a nice, pocket friendly option for those of us who need just a little TLC for our eyes. Not as effective as the other products, but still pretty good and gets the job done by keeping the dry under eye skin hydrated.

6. Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Eye Rescue

Similar to CeraVe’s Eye Repair Cream, this Magic Eye Rescue will not help fix your dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles but it works well in keeping that skin hydrated, healthy and moisturized.

7. La Roche-Posay – Redermic

This eye cream works wonders because it contains Retinol, which is a super product when it comes to skin care. However, this product can be used under the eyes but not around it. Retinol cannot be used too close to the eyes, so use with caution.

8. La Roche-Posay – Tolerian

Another eye cream that is not result based, but it will add hydration to the sensitive skin underneath the eyes and create a smoothness in that area.

Wrapping Up

Under eye creams are not as important as sunscreens for the skin, but for skin enthusiasts, it is a good thing to consider. Not a must have as far as I am concerned but if you are looking for something to reduce the dark undereye circles, wrinkles, or dry patches underneath the eye, these eye creams are definitely worth your time and money. And, it is worth mentioning, that these eye creams help create a smooth canvas for makeup application. You can reduce creasing of concealers, foundations, and powders by first applying an eye cream to the area. That is good news for makeup lovers!





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