13 Fall Outfit Inspo (Fall Fashion Trends to Watch Out for in 2020)

Fall Outfit Inspo (Fall Fashion Trends to Watch Out for in 2020)


Ask anybody and most likely their favorite season of the year is Fall. Fall symbolizes warmth, Fall symbolizes beauty, Fall symbolizes nature, Fall symbolizes leaves, Fall symbolizes joy, Fall symbolizes fragrances, Fall symbolizes Love and most importantly, Fall symbolizes Fashion!


Fall is the most loved season, it brings out the lovely, happier, and more likable side of people. It strikes a healthy balance between the fiery summer and the cold winter seasons. It makes you feel lighter, calmer, and more positive in general. I am one of those Autumn lovers, and here are some of my favorite clever and classy Fall Fashion Trends.


Fall Outfit Inspo 1 – Beanies

This is a mega practical yet fashionable Fall Fashion Trend. There are so many amazing choices to choose from. Fun colors are totally trendy this year so do not hesitate to try out a bold, cool, color this Fall. Keep those ears nice and toasty while looking trendy and Fall Fashion ready.


Fall Outfit Inspo 2 – Scarves

Keeping with the theme of practical, this is another super popular and practical Fall fashion trend. Scarves are modest fashion approved, scarves are so classy, scarves help add some color and vibrancy to your boring outfits, scarves help keep you cozy, scarves are super feminine and fashionable. Not only that, scarves are an amazing hair accessory as well. Just add some more bling, brightness, and color to your grey or white outfits and watch how it just adds a fun spark to your look. This is definitely one fall fashion trend that anybody can and should pull off.


Money doesn’t buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.

Carolina Herrera


Fall Outfit Inspo 3 – Headbands

Since we talk about rocking the classy scarves as a hair accessory, here is another one that can make you feel more feminine and elegant. Isn’t that the best combination ever? A fun, playful and flirty way to add just a bit more spice to your look this coming Fall.

Fall Outfit Inspo 4 – Cozy Lounge Wear

What 2020 taught us, among many other lessons, is that one can never have too many lounge outfits. It also taught us that comfort and style can go hand in hand. I recommend lounge wear throughout the year, regardless of what season it is. However, for Fall fashion trends, lounge wear is preferred a bit cozier, a bit more fun.


Fall Outfit Inspo 5 – Neon Colors

Speaking of fun Lounge wear, this year neons are a big trend, and they will continue to rock the ramp this Fall. A great Fall fashion trend to watch out for. Neons are trendy and neon lounge wear would be a great way to roam around your home in style. For those of you who are a bit more nervous about trying a bold neon outfit, testing it out for when you are chilling at home is a great way to get comfortable in these amazing colors, and soon you will feel more adventurous and ready to walk out in style in these super fun neon hues.


Fall Outfit Inspo 6 – Maxi Dresses

You can probably tell, I am all about the feminine, elegant fashion, and the fall fashion trends are right up my alley. Not only are these gorgeous dresses beautiful, they can be worn by any woman, regardless of your body type, height, or weight. Just get one that fits you will and you are good to go.


You might not want to dress up, wear makeup or feel too lazy to look for any accessory. Just throw on a maxi dress, a nice pair of booties or sandals and you are ready to turn some impressed heads at the grocery store.

Say what you want about long dresses, but they cover a multitude of shins.

Mae West


Fall Outfit Inspo 7 – Knitted Skirts

Another favorite fall fashion trend – The Knitted Skirt. It keeps you warm, covered, cozy and looking elegant, classy, feminine, and fashionable. There are so many amazing colors to choose from. Metallics have made a come back as well. I personally love maroon for Fall and winters. Rock this fall fashion trend with a pair of booties and feel totally put together.



Fall Outfit Inspo 8 – Wide-Legged Trousers / Denims

Say farewell to your skinny jeans, or at least until we meet again. They will not be back for a while. Not everybody is into dresses, and while that is not me, but I totally get it! Do not panic, denims are not going anywhere. This one is for you! This is the time for wide legged trousers, straight fitted denims, loose palazzo pants. A light washed wide legged jeans is a cute fall fashion trend this year. You need at least one pair in your closet, I just ordered mine.


Fall Outfit Inspo 9 – Cozy Sweaters / Cardigans

Nothing says Fall or winter like Cozy sweaters. Big, bulky, soft, cozy sweaters are back! Find one of cute, warm Fall hues for your personal touch and rock em at home, at work or at the mall. There are several options to choose from. Here are some of my personal favorites fall fashion trends in the cozy sweater trend.



Fall Outfit Inspo 10 – Trench Coats

I love trench coats! I wait for Fall or winters all year just so I get to rock the trench coat, or basically all other trends mentioned above and a few that will be mentioned below. Okay, I am excited! Trench coats are versatile, they are not just available in neutrals anymore. You can find them in burgundies, in pinks, in oranges, in baby blues. Trench coats are forgiving, and low maintenance but they make you look high maintenance, if you know what I mean. This fall fashion trend is made for everybody!


Fall Outfit Inspo 11 – Fluffy Socks

Now that we have covered your Fall fashion outfits, accessories and head gear, let us not forget the especially important feet. Need to make sure those little pinkies are taken care of as well. I know some girls who do not appreciate socks! I am not one of those girls, and fall is not one of those girls either. That is a strange metaphor, that I just created but anyway…

Fluffy socks are the cutest, most comfortable, and cozy things created that can be rocked at home, when you are just lounging around the house. This is a girly, cute, fun, cozy, and a super affordable fall fashion trend.


Fall Outfit Inspo 12 – Tan Boots / Booties

A pair of tan booties is a must have fall fashion trend. Black is a classic and you can’t ever say that a classic is out of style, however, tan boots go on everything. They are easy to style on jeans, skirts, dresses, they are easier to maintain. Black gets dirt more easily, tan boots are just super fall and super fun. This is why this is my twelfth pick for this year’s fall fashion trends.


Fall Outfit Inspo 13 – Fuzzy Slippers

Let’s face it, we can’t be walking in boots at home, and sometimes cozy socks aren’t enough. What do we wear at home? Fuzzy slippers to the rescue! I have these super cute pink ones that make me feel like a princess. Pink is not your color? That is fine, there are so many colors to choose from. I would recommend going for a cute, fun color though.


After all, most likely you will not be wearing these fuzzy slippers to work, so add some color to your at-home wardrobe. It is a fabulous way to feel better by adding a little color to your outfit. Makes your mind calmer and helps relieve stress. I have a blog post about various ways to help relieve stress – Click here for ways to de-stress your life.


Wrapping Up

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Fall is about fashion but it is also about feeling fabulous, take the necessary fall outfit inspo from this post but also remember to light up those scented candles, pull up your fluffy fall socks, rock your cozy neon lounge wear, sit by the fireplace, let it burn your worries, let it soak up your inhibitions, let it get you out of your comfort zone and prepare for a new and improved version of you. That is what the end of each year, and the beginning of every new year stands for – New beginnings, new goals, new positivity, a new life. 





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