Top 10 Body Washes and Bar Soaps – Recommended by Dr. Dray

Top 10 Body Washes and Bar Soaps – Recommended by Dr. Dray


Dr. Dray strictly recommends not to over wash your skin, because regular use of soap results in dry skin. The soap, while effective in removing dirt and oil, also strips the skin of its natural lipid barrier. Unfortunately, this leads to you losing water from the skin after cleansing, which consequently leads to skin infections.

Dr. Dray recommends being strategic when it comes to body washing and cleansing and avoid over doing it. It is advantageous to use soaps and cleansers in areas where there is skin on skin contact, body folds and areas that sweat a lot. Otherwise, there is no need to use body washes, unless you just came back from the beach, hike, or the playground.

Another reason to use a body wash or a soap is if they are medicated and meant for skin conditions like acne, folliculitis etc.

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Bar Soap or Liquid Cleanser – The Better Choice?

Both bar soaps and liquid cleansers have advantages and disadvantages.

Liquid Cleansers are advantageous over bar soaps because –

  1. They tend to be a little less drying or irritating than bar soaps.
  2. They allow you to be a little more conservative regarding the amount of product you are using.

Bar Soaps are advantageous over liquid cleansers because –

  1. They are more environmentally friendly.
  2. Traditional bar soaps were harsh, drying, and irritating but the newer bar soaps are gentler and contain moisturizing ingredients.

Dr. Dray recommends using just your hands to wash your body with a liquid cleanser. She also prefers a washcloth over a loofah, when using a bar soap. Bar soaps tend to have a film around them which needs to be broken down, to do this she recommends using a washcloth to initiate the lathering process while ensuring that you do not end up with too much soap on your hands.

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The Best Bar Soaps and Liquid Cleansers

1. CeraVe Hydrating Bar

This cleansing bar is one that is frequently recommended by Dr. Dray. This is formulated with gentle surfactants but also includes petrolatum and different moisturizing ingredients that help seal in some of the trans epidermal water loss that comes from cleansing.

2. CeraVe Hydrating Body Wash

If you prefer the liquid formulation to the bar soap, then here is another recommendation by Dermatologist Dr. Dray. This brand has so many gems when it comes to skin care. I have a post about Dr. Dray’s top CeraVe picks. Here is a link to that post if you are looking for some good CeraVe products.

3. Dove Beauty Bar – Fragrance Free

This is a great bar soap, unlike CeraVe, this one is missing the petrolatum, which is why CeraVe is definitely a better choice. This one by Dove is not a bad choice, however, make sure you are using the fragrance-free version.

4. Ceramedx Natural Ceramide Cleanser

This is a cruelty free, vegan alternative. This has very gentle surfactants, the sunflower seed oil in it is fantastic for people with eczema, or dry skin conditions. This fragrance-free formula is one of the top recommendations by Dr. Dray. She recommends using this on the face as well.

5. Aquanil Cleanser

This acne friendly cleanser is great for the face and the body. A little goes a long way when it comes to this cleanser. This may seem expensive but considering how little you need of the product; it is a great deal.

6. Eucerin Advanced Cleansing Bar Soap

Here is another great bar soap recommendation. Eucerin is another fantastic brand that has so many amazing products to choose from. They are often overlooked, but this bar soap is simple, effective, has moisturizing ingredients that is must for any top notch body wash, especially bars because they tend to be a bit more drying than the liquids.


7. Eucerin Baby Wash

If it is healthy for a baby, it is healthy for a grown up. At least when it comes to body cleansing. This baby wash by Eucerin is gentle for sensitive skin types and a good one to try out.

8. Cetaphil Restoraderm

Cetaphil does not need an introduction, when it comes to skincare, a lot of people trust this brand to deliver. Dermatologist Dr. Dray recommends a lot of Cetaphil skin care products, and I have a post up about her Cetaphil top picks, click here to enter the post.

9. Vanicream Cleansing Bar

Vanicream is another brand that is often overlooked by people who are naturally distracted by shiny, fancy packaging. However, if you are someone who appreciates quality over packaging, this is a good choice when it comes to cleansers. Moisturizing, simple and effective.

10. Vanicream Body Wash

Prefer a liquid cleanser to a bar? Vanicream has you covered in that area as well. The same goodness of moisturizing humectants, in a liquid cleansing form is also a nice option to choose from.

Wrapping Up

To recap, there are many great body cleansers out there that might suit you and catch your fancy. This list is a good one to help you find one that you need. However, it is important to remember that little goes a long way when it comes to cleansing. Use enough to get rid of dirt and oil from your skin, but not so much that will strip your skin off its natural lipid barriers or cause dryness, and irritation. A lot of skin allergies are caused from the overuse of cleansers, so using more product than required might be counterproductive. Be wise and always follow up with a good moisturizer.


What is a good moisturizer you ask? Here is a list to help you make that decision!



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