I have said it before and I will say it again, nothing says cozy, comfy more than the fall season. One of the major reasons why I love Autumn weather is for the fall fashion. The socks, the blazers, the boots, the coats, the cardigans, you name it!

The key to finding timeless pieces is to invest once in quality and style that is classic, that is how you ensure getting the most out of your purchase that can be worn with different things, look different each time and last you decades.

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I did a similar write-up about Fall Must haves last year, and I want to make it an annual thing for all you clever and classy ladies out there.

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Bored of gifting people the same things? Here is a list of unique gifts that your friends and family will love. 

Lets get right into the 6 timeless pieces you need for your Fall/Winter wardrobe essentials. 

1. A Cardigan

The time for long, droopy cardigans with pockets is over, this is the time for the little cardigan, neutrals are always great to have in your wardrobe, especially when it comes to cold weather clothes, they are classy, universal and you will get more use out of your clothes if you go for neutrals.

Looking to invest in some cold weather outerwear? Go neutral is my best tip. Think black, white, grey, tan.

Here are some cardigan options that you can choose from.


2. A Blazer

A timeless wardrobe implies that everything you purchase should last you at least a decade and will always be stylish and look chic and effortless. A blazer is something that is classic, fashionable, essential and ideal for work as well.

A good blazer will last you a long time so it is recommended to go for ones that are good quality, they are the ones that will be good investment piece for your winter / fall wardrobe for many years to come.

Again, go for neutrals, another reason why I say neutrals should be the way to go here is that a hot pink blazer will be great to wear once in the season and everybody will notice it, neutrals you can pair with so many different outfits and shades and you can wear them a lot more without being too obvious.

Hence, getting more out of your neutral clothes.

Here are some blazer options that might interest you.

3. Classic Black Pants

This post is inspired by stylist Kim XO on YouTube. She recommends going for navy if that is your thing. Some complexion undertones work better with navy or brown than with black, so of course use your discretion when it comes to choosing between the neutrals that work for you.

Buy a pair of classic black pants that work for you – These could be leather pants, wool pants, just team them up with a silk tank top, a pair of heels, a blazer and you are ready to go.

Stylist Kim XO says the cut or style of black pants can range from cigarette pants, wide legged, straight cut pants, which ever style that works for you and your body type.

Here are some classic black pants that you can choose from.

4. Black Boots

A pair of black boots that are in a good condition, not all of us can rock a pair of stilettos, so a pair of flat black boots is recommended so you can get the most use out of them. I had a pair of black flat boots that I had been wearing every winter for the past few years and last year, they gave up on me while I was still walking in the mall.

So yes, that little embarrassing story is just to remind you to make sure your shoes, boots, sandals are in good condition, and can handle another Winter/Fall season. If there is no way to tell the wear and tear, then just keep an extra pair in handy.

Army boot, Chelsea boot, loafers are some classic boots that are timeless and comfortable for your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

Here are some classic boot shoes that you can look into.

5. A Classic White Blouse

All the timeless pieces mentioned above can be teamed with a classic white blouse. A classic white blouse with your favorite cardigan, a classic white blouse with a blazer, a classic white blouse with a blazer, black pants and some boots are all timeless, classy and classic looks that is stylish now and will be fashionable twenty years from now.

A nice silk white blouse is a fantastic timeless piece that deserves some space in your wardrobe, needless to say the classic white blouse is stylish throughout the year, in any weather. Just pick one that suits your body type, the fit and texture you buy depends on your personal preference.

Here are some classic white blouses that are always stylish.

6. A Turtleneck

A turtleneck will make any blazer, cardigan, coat outfit pop just a bit more by adding just a bit more character to your outfit and it makes you look effortlessly put together. A turtleneck sweater with your neutral blazer, black boots, and a purse. “A Classy Fashionista” will be the words on everybody’s mind when you walk in that door.

Do not fret the turtleneck if you are someone with a bigger chest, just get something that is a tad looser, a bit shorter or something with frills, suggests stylist Kim XO.

Wrapping Up

We have all gotten used to the work from home and stay at home and watch Netflix jam, but it is important to be aware of this change and actively try and fight it. I, like many of you, love my comfort zone, and I spent the entire covid crisis buying lounge wear.

A friend of mine laughed at me saying “You will never want to leave your house now, with so many lounge clothes,” I thought she was being dramatic and funny, but the girl had a point.

It is these small decisions that have a bigger impact on our thinking and slowly changes that we did not sign up for start taking place and a new comfort zone is formed. The good news is, we can change that and create another ripple effect by adjusting ourselves one day at a time, or one purchase at a time (Keeping the theme of this blog post in mind).

I love my comfy lounge wear, but it is time to get out of the house, the comfort zone, the cozy mindset, get out into the world, and show our amazing selves to everybody. The outfits we choose, slowly but surely, change us.  Be wise.

That little ramble is just something I wanted to add. Also, stay stylish, stress-free, clever, and classy.