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Remember your Past for Peace of Mind

Remember your Past for Peace of Mind

Remember your Past for Peace of Mind

“The past is never where you think you left it.” 

― Katherine Anne Porter


I know the title may sound confusing because it is the opposite of what is recommended. While it is said one must live in the present and not worry about the future, and forget the past, I beg to differ. Your past is what brings you to your present and present leads to the future.

Sometimes it is necessarily to live in the now and enjoy the moment; however, I would never recommend making irrational decisions that might have drastic consequences. Our past can haunt us in ways that we may not even deem possible.

We might sit in peace thinking ‘Oh! The past is over…time for me to focus on the present’ and BAM…little Ghosts from the past return to haunt you when least expected…when the repercussions can be horrifying, when your life depends on it, that’s when we realize how important the past is because it can’t be separated from our present. Yes, be impulsive, go nuts but be wise and be ready. 


So, then what is the point? Should we just never move on?

 That is not the point at all, in fact, if you want to truly move on, you need to face your past. Face your demons, do not just bury them and pretend it never happened.

 Forgetting your past is not going to help you move on.

Our life is a series of events. These events can be categorized into three categories:

 1. Past Events

2. Present Events

3. Future Events

 Today’s present is going to be tomorrow’s past. I am not trying to sound mega deep here but it is what it is. Every decision we make today is going to impact our lives tomorrow and the years to come.


How to Deal with a Horrifying Past and Achieve Peace of Mind with it? 

1. Face your past for true peace of mind:

It is a known fact that when someone tries to forget a memory, it can have traumatic effects on his or her mental health. It is not good for peace of mind. It can scar a person for life, which is ironic because that is exactly what one tries to escape by forgetting a past memory. Therapists never suggest that it is okay that you cannot remember what happened in 1997.

On the contrary, they will try to use different techniques to get you to remember what it is you have blocked out. Hypnosis is a popular technique that is used to make a person remember a forgotten memory. This is not done to make you feel worse about your life, it is a step to find out what is leading to the chaos in your mind. You can never treat an ailment without a diagnosis.

Hence proven, if you want to move on from your past, come to terms with it, face it. Only then can you ever achieve mental peace. 


2. Learn from Your Past:

Nobody said you are not allowed to make mistakes. True life lessons, or at least the ones worth having, are from the mistakes you make. You will not learn much if you never make any mistake. You know why? It means you are not doing much; it means you are not taking any risk.

 The mistakes you make are like a treasure map, it paves the path to enlightenment. It would be silly to forget them. That is how you will learn and grow and become the wise, beautiful, classy person you are meant to be! 

3. Never, ever be embarrassed of your Past:

Embrace it, it is not embarrassing that you have lived. It is beautiful, life is beautiful, your past, as scary as it was, it is yours to remember. It is going to make you who you are going to be. It is going to be a part of your life. Once you have embraced it, it will bring you mental peace like no other.

Wrapping Up

 Yes, past can be a strange place to visit, but there is no stronger emotion than nostalgia. It can make you smile, cry, it can make you angry and feeling emotions is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength, it is a sign of life, a sign of humanity, and nothing is more beautiful than humanity.

 Remember your past, face it, accept it, embrace it and you will come out a strong, more powerful person. More enlightened, and insightful. It will bring you peace of mind, facing the stressors is not going to cause you more stress and anxiety, on the contrary, it shall make you mentally strong, and what comes with mental strength? Say it with me – Peace of Mind. 

Stressed out?   Click here For some positivity






7 Focus Areas for Peace of Mind 


What is peace of mind? It is that calmness, the lack of chaos within us. It is just what is, PEACE. Just like our bodies require rest, our minds need rest as well. Rest is not just about a full night sleep. It is not just about getting 8 to 9 hours of continuous sleep that will provide you with peace of mind. Yes, sleep is essential to proper functioning of a human being, but what about mental health? What about other areas of our lives that also require rest? Focusing on these areas is also crucial to peace of mind and it helps us fight those sudden jolts of stress and anxiety.

I got inspired to write about this through a post by TheShineApp on Instagram.

What are these 7 Areas that we need to focus on to achieve peace of mind? Let’s find out

1. Physical Rest for Peace of Mind

Sleep is a form of physical rest, but here I am referring to rest from aggressive physical activity. Exercise and staying active, going for a walk, these are all important, and should not be ignored but there needs to be a balanced approach to life. Too much of anything is not good, yes even ice-cream. Again, that Danny Tanner taught me a lot as a Full House obsessed child.sensory peace of mind

The point is, if you spend an hour or two everyday working out, spend some time giving your body a rest. What is the exercise to rest ratio? There is no hard and fast rule here that needs to be followed. The best advice I can give is, listen to your body. If your body feels pain, do not push it. If your body is sore from too much cardio, lie down. If you had a rigorous training session today, take it slow tomorrow. Take a walk instead of running on that treadmill.

Maybe skip that heavy weightlifting, go for a calming swim instead, or just float, nothing is more calming than that. You get the picture, keep that unnecessary stress and anxiety away by listening to your body, and you will know what it needs. Spend a few hours at the spa, get a pedicure, a relaxing massage, lay down on a recliner and read a book, or sip on some chicken soup. Taking care of yourself and giving your body some rest is necessary for peace of mind.

2. Sensory Rest for Peace of Mind

What are the five sense organs? Yes, I am not including the 6 sense in this list, but we all know it exists!

Five Sense Organs and the Five Sensesrest for peace of mind

  • Eyes – The Sense of Vision
  • Ears – The Sense of Hearing
  • Nose – The Sense of Smell
  • Tongue – The Sense of Taste
  • Skin – The Sense of Touch

Along with physical rest, our senses need rest too. Our sense organs are overworked. We are constantly using our eyes, our tongue, our ears, our noses, and our skin. These are things that we take for granted, we do not even realize it because it is just so normal.

Right now, me typing this blog post, I am using all my sense organs without even thinking about it. My fingers are touching the keyboard, my eyes are looking at the screen, my ears can hear a cooking video on YouTube, my mom is watching, and my ears have no choice but to hear it.

Also, my ears hear my typing, which is louder now that I am aware of my senses more than ever. The things you can achieve if you start focusing! My nose is on an overdrive as well, I can smell dinner, which is making me hungry, so the only sense organ that is currently not being used by me – My tongue is also about to get to work.

The whole point of that tangent is that our senses need a rest, just as much as our bodies do. Close your eyes every now and then, lay down alone in peace, and just do nothing. It is not as easy as it sounds, because the society has taught us that hustle is the only correct way of life.

Therefore, it is so important to talk about the importance of rest. It is crucial for peace of mind. It is crucial to keep the stress and anxiety away. Shut down your gadgets, step into a comfortable, dark room, away from noise and just be.

3. Spiritual Rest for Peace of Mind

Rest your mind and focus on your spirit every now and then, meditation helps, reading scriptures helps, connect with your spirit by mindful breathing exercises. Spending some time in nature also allows you to connect with yourself and explore your true spirit.

Praying helps a lot of people feel calmer and more connected with the universe. Regardless of your faith and whether you are a believer or not, praying has been proven to have a wonderful effect on the mental health. Just knowing that there is a presence looking out for you is assuring and helps people put their minds at ease, in other words it leaves room for spiritual rest.

I have a post about some calming verses in the Bible, click here to read that.

4. Creative Rest for Peace of MindCreative rest for peace of mind, relieve stress and anxiety

Just like everything else, there is a limit to creativity, the right side of your brain is what is utilized when you are being creative. It is incredible and fun to be creative and just create art, music, ideas but just like your body, your brain needs to rest as well. Do not always feel the need to create or be productive.

It is perfectly okay; in fact it is imperative that you give yourself some time-out from creating and instead spend some time enjoying somebody else’ creation. Enjoy creativity by giving your creativity a rest and read a book created by someone else, enjoy music composed by someone else, or simply watch a show and enjoy somebody else’ vision come to life on screen. 

A little Netflix will not hurt anybody. Creative rest is also required for true peace of mind. The pressure to create can also cause stress and anxiety. Rest up.

5. Mental Rest for Peace of Mind

What this basically means is, stop over thinking, stop over analyzing, stop over planning, stop overwhelming yourself with every single little or meaningful thought that may try to make a home in your mind. It is easier said than done, but the key to peace of mind is awareness that you need some.

Awareness that you can create peace of mind, awareness that there are simple ways in which you can teach yourself to feel less stressed out and face stress and anxiety like a champ.

I have quite a few articles about this, I will link one right HERE, and another one right HERE.

6. Emotional Rest for Peace of Mind

It is sad that we live in a world where it has become normal to not show emotions, it has become “cool” to not feel emotions. Some might even brag about not feeling anything, so NEWS FLASH – It is not good for your mental peace. It is NOT normal, it is not cool, and it is certainly not healthy.

Keeping your emotions all bottled up tightly inside you is not going to bring you any peace of mind. Make a habit of expressing your emotions, without worrying about what others might think. First, nobody will judge you for it, secondly, do it for your inner peace.

Crying is therapeutic, crying is natural, people cry when they are overjoyed, we cry when we are sad, it is a natural response to deep emotions. Let it out! Bawl out like a baby, cry into your pillow if you must, then get right back up and move on with your life. Pent up emotions are going to cause a lot of stress and anxiety, if not instantly then eventually. That song from Frozen comes to mind –

Let it go, let it go, don’t hold back anymore, let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door

Yes, I improvised the lyrics a little, and maybe do not slam doors, or if you must, be gentle. Yes, anger is a real emotion, and it is okay to express it, just try not to break any walls or doors. More assertive, less aggressive. Journaling is a fantastic way to express your emotions without causing a “scene”, if that is something you are worried about. 

7. Social Rest for Peace of Mind

Last but not the least, social rest is essential to mental peace. I cannot stress more on the importance of spending some time alone, every day. Not saying you should turn into a hermit and give up socializing, however, at least an hour by yourself every day is good for your mental health.

It is also necessary to strike a healthy balance, if you are on the other end of the spectrum and barely ever meet anybody, perhaps it is time to do that. Find a happy place and find a healthy balance. Hang out with people, and then hang out in your own company as well.

Wrapping Up

The key to mental peace is to strike a balance. Too much of anything is not good. Too much of creativity, too much sensory stimulation, too much socializing, too much exercise, or even too much spirituality. If you crave peace of mind, you need rest, your body, mind, soul need rest. It is only through rest that you can rejuvenate and energize enough to start afresh and reach out for your dreams. Want to create your perfect life? Rest Up first! After all, you can’t dream unless you sleep.       




Holiday Gift Guide – 7 Unique Gifts

Holiday Gift Guide – 7 Unique Gifts that Promote Peace of Mind

Holiday Gift Guide – 7 Unique Gifts that Promote Peace of Mind


It is that magical time of the year again. The leaves are turning brown, the hot summer breeze is turning a bit cooler, a bit calmer like a balm for the tired soul. We are also getting closer to the holidays. It is going to be Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas and before we know if. We can finally bid adieu to this very strange year that is thankfully almost out the door.

(Fall Fashion Inspo – Click Here)

It feels great to receive gifts, but it feels even better to give gifts. It is the entire process of selecting the best gift for someone amazing and watching their eyes sparkle with joy when they open it up in front of you. Sometimes the process can be a bit confusing, when you want to step away from the traditional candy and flowers, when you want to do something that is a bit more thought provoking than­ a gift card. While I have nothing against those gifts, sometimes you just want to put in a little extra effort into the art of gift giving.

Some people deserve just a little extra effort, and sometimes it is just fun for you to find these unique gifts for special people in your life. I wanted to also stick with the theme of cleverandclassy.com; so, this Holiday Gift Guide is not only going to consist of unique gift ideas, but also promote peace of mind.

Almost every single person is struggling with some amount of stress in his or her life, which is unfortunate, and calls for a little pick-me-up, a little relief from stress, a little me-time, so let’s get into some unique gift ideas for peace of mind and self-love; or we can say show them how they deserve some self-love and lots of peace of mind.

Note: The inserted images from amazon are for your benefit and mine. They give you a better idea of the products I talk about; and if you use my link to make any purchase, I make a small commission from Amazon as part of their Amazon Affiliates Program.


Holiday Gift Guide for Unique Gift Ideas


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 1 (Baths for Peace of Mind)

Think calming, think baths. Nothing relieves stress and anxiety, and brings peace of mind faster than a nice, warm, long, soothing bath. I am thinking bubbles, I am thinking bath salts, I am thinking bath bombs. Depending on your budget, you can make a little bath bundle of joy and it would make a lovely, thoughtful, unique gift for the wonderfully classy ladies in your life. Not trying to say that men cannot enjoy a soothing bath, I would definitely recommend the amazing men in your life to try it out; Chandler Bing loved it, they will too!


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 2 (Candles for Peace of Mind)

Candles! I did a post on candles and scented candles for peace of mind. Click here if you want to read it. Candles are soothing, they are known to relieve stress, they look magical, feel magical and are loved by elegant ladies and gentlemen throughout the world. Candles make a lovely gift for any occasion, be it the holiday season, birthday, Mother’s Day, or graduation.

holiday gift guide - unique gift ideas


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 3 (Music for Peace of Mind)

Give your loved ones the gift of music, one of the most common and the most effective ways to relieve stress and anxiety is by listening to music. I am not just saying that this has been proved by several surveys conducted over the past several years about stress, anxiety, and peace of mind.

I am not talking about buying some CDs, though that does not sound like such a bad idea, a mixed tape with some of their favorite songs is always a thoughtful gift that shows you bothered enough to put some thought and effort into the gift. Let’s take it a notch up, how about a Vintage Portable Record Player.

I came across this on Amazon and was amazed to see the price. It is under $45, looks amazing and it is available in so many classy, cool colors to choose from.


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 4 (Massages for Peace of Mind)

If you are interested in gifting gift cards or cash, then I would suggest gift an experience, a visit to the Spa, a gift card to a masseuse sounds amazing. Just the sound of a massage soothes you. There are a bunch of different massagers to choose from, and you do not have to break your bank balance to get one.

There are some amazing options ranging from $10 to $100. You can get a massager for the face, or a foot massager, a back massager, or a neck massager. The list is endless, looks like I might have to do a post dedicated to different massagers available. However, for now, I am linking some of my favorites below.


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 5 (Tea for Peace of Mind)

In my post about 7 Secret Foods for Instant Stress Relief, I mention Teas for peace of mind. Chamomile, peppermint, Orange tea is amazing to promote peace of mind. The chamomile or peppermint, the smell is enough to soothe your soul, and provide some instant stress relief.

These ingredients along with the calming aroma, the warmth from the tea combined with the sound of pouring this hot concoction into your favorite cup is enough to make you feel rejuvenated and a great gift for any tea lover in your life.

Holiday Gift Guide Tip: You can bundle up two or more of these gift ideas, or some of your own, into one gift basket, cutely wrapped with ribbons for some extra points. Yes, no one should be scoring you on what gifts you bring but you know what I mean.

Some assorted teas, a candle and a bath set would make for a perfect little goodie bag for any occasion. Ooohh, add in some dark chocolate to the mix and you are golden.


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 6 (Journaling for Peace of Mind)

Journaling is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety. It is recommended by all therapists, and who am I to argue. Journaling is a healthy, simple, and effective way to heal yourself, and it promotes sharing your problems, venting out by writing them down. It does not require anybody else, just you, your thoughts, and your journal. There are some great options to choose from, and again this would be a great item to add to your gift basket if that is what you are opting for.


Holiday Gift Guide – Idea 7 (Weighted Blanket for Peace of Mind)

Personally, I am a big fan of cozy, fluffy, soft bed sheets, pillow covers, duvet covers, like many other girly girls all around the world. Weighted blankets are a fairly new concept, and they have become popular because of the comfy, cozy, feel. Weighted blankets feel like a big giant hug. What calms you down more than a long, meaningful hug? The answer to that is nothing. So, hugs for peace of mind. You do not always have someone to give you a hug when you need one, so a weighted blanket is the second-best option. Here is a great article about weighted blankets and every thing you need to know about them, on Forbes. 


Wrapping Up

Gifts should not be about how much money you are spending, I know that is what it has become about, someone’s love for you cannot be measured by how much money they spent on you. Gift giving is an art, it is about the thought put into the gift. I would rather get a ten-dollar bath set, or an assorted tea set, than hundred dollars in cash. The former shows a little more effort, and that is the art of gift giving. I hope this Holiday Gift Guide was helpful, again, these gift ideas can be used for gifting, or for yourself, for any occasion. Happy Holidays!




6 Lessons that I Learned from 2020 and You Should Too

The Number 1 Reason for Stress and Anxiety

The Number 1 Reason for Stress and Anxiety 

In my previous post I researched and shared the nine most common reasons for stress and anxiety in the United States. Usually the list has the same issues that the world is grappling with – Stress and anxiety related to work, finances, unemployment, people are stressed out because of relationships, health issues, he economy, the future the past; but there is a new entrant into that list; and it has made such an impact with its first appearance that it has taken the spot of all other stressors and left them behind.
The topmost common and concerning reason for stress and anxiety in the United States today is the coronavirus.
Not just the illness but the consequences of the illness. Its impact on the society, its impact on the economy, its impact on employment, everything is related. Isolation is the new norm; people have lost their peace of mind. Peace of mind that we did not even know we had before this bizarreness started.
Face masks, hand sanitizers, lock downs, Govt imposed restrictions that sometimes feel like a curfew – this is the new normal now, globally. It is what the whole world is talking about, these are some very peculiar times, feels like a plot right out of a science fiction movie.
If somebody had told me in 2019 that there would be a virus that would force the world to stay home, and cause so much chaos, insanity, stress and anxiety, a virus that resulted in human beings being terrified of other human beings, I’d tell them to go find their lost marbles. Number one reason for stress and anxiety

6 Lessons that I Learned from 2020 and You Should Too

There is a lesson to be learned in everything, life teaches you more when it is not going the way you had planned. But to learn from these stressful situations, you need to open yourself up, open your mind to the lessons that you can take in from every little problem you are faced with.
There are ways to strengthen the body, we go to the gym to strengthen our muscles, we take vitamins to strengthen our system, what about our minds? Our emotional strength? Equally if not more important than anything else. Stress is vital for survival, in small doses it motivates us, in large doses, it can destroy us internally and even kill us. Let’s take the number 1 stressor today and turn it into something positive. Let’s turn this into life lessons:

1. Reduce Stress and Anxiety by Slowing Down

As a believer, I honestly believe nothing happens without reason. Every single event, regardless how little or catastrophic, has been brought to us for a reason. What could the reason be for this crazy quarantine causing virus? It means we need to slow down. We need to spend more time doing the little things in life that bring us peace of mind. We need to calm down!
We are running after success, money, fame, goals constantly, and while it is great to have goals and ambitions. As Danny Tanner very eloquently stated “Too much of anything is not good, yes even ice cream.” There needs to be a balance, we need to slow down physically and mentally. 
Feeling stressed out and uncertain about the past, present or future? Smell the flowers, sit out in the backyard and gaze aimlessly at the sky, the shapes of the clouds, listen to some music for peace of mind. Get drenched in the rain, it is a lot of fun, you might catch a cold so do not quote me on that one but yes, it is a fantastic way to destress. Stop running, slow down, take a walk instead.

2. Find Comfort in your Own Company

Finding comfort in your own company is crucial. I see people going crazy all over the world, as if staying at home is the worst thing that could happen to them. What happened to the appeal of “Netflix and Chill”? The whole world seemed to want it, all of us wanted just to have one month of doing nothing. Here it is! We have it! It has been forced on up.
And dare I say, this was the only way we would ever get it – A few weeks of staying home and doing nothing! Is it really that hard to live with yourself? If it is then we need to re-think our lives. There is strength in being OKAY living internally occasionally, without any external stimuli. Imagine not needing anybody to be happy! 
This year, almost every nation worldwide was forced to stay home, in fact failing to comply with those orders were an act of crime and punishable by law. Many people all around India were arrested for being seen outside during lockdowns. For many, it was a requirement to go out and work to be able to eat that day. However, for many, it was just an act of rebellion.
There is power in loving your own company. You build your own peace of mind. There is strength in isolation, of course this should not lead to loneliness and agoraphobia; that is a whole other story. But think of it this way, if you are happy in your own company, without needing any body else to entertain you, how amazing would your life be? You meet people, make friends, because you genuinely want to, not because you need to, to get away from yourself.

3. We really need an Internet Quarantine

alone time for stress and anxiety - stressed out

Technology has consumed us! Literally, need I say more? Could we get through this self-isolation without social media? Without YouTube? without Netflix? Without Tick Tock? Without Video Games? If all of these were also part of the “Stay away from” list, what would we do? I have been wanting to read more, but have I? NO! I do not know a lot of people who are spending this time reading books. I am wondering if we will ever have an internet quarantine.
What would that be like? Imagine a month of no internet, just going out and spending all your time outdoors? reading books? Playing board games? Do not know about you, but I am intrigued! Maybe a month without the internet is just what the doctor ordered. Maybe a month without the internet, will make us see what us is around directly through our eyes, and not through our screens.
Maybe a month without the internet will help us our addiction to it, or at least help many realize that they are addicted to it. Maybe a month without the internet, will reduce stress and anxiety. Think of the 1990s, no cell phones, no computers, no internet, no WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube. Just our friends, our families, our lives, home picnics, the outdoors. Just thinking about those times brings me peace of mind.
We live in a world where we cannot imagine our lives without the internet, after all, I wont even be able to post this blog post without access to the internet. I will not have a job without the internet, But how about this? How about minimizing the amount of time we mindless scroll down our Instagram? how about minimizing the amount of time we check our messages every day?
How about minimizing the amount of time we spend on watching prank videos on YouTube, how about we spend that time building a hobby? A career? A plan? Coloring? Painting? Learning a new skill? Meeting our neighbors? Catching a movie, a cup of coffee with an old friend? I am already trying to make this change into my life. Let’s do this together!

4. We Cannot Plan Everything – There is Peace in Knowing That

Destiny is real! Weddings have been postponed, graduations have been cancelled, family vacations have been delayed. When we plan events like this, we think about the weather, or we pray for everyone’s health. Never do we EVER prepare for “what if a crazy virus infects the world, and we are asked to cancel the wedding?”. Destiny is just that. It is unpredictable, it is pre-written. It is scary but also there is peace of mind in knowing.
It is calming to realize that we do not have to plan everything because what is meant to be…WILL BE! It helps reduce stress and anxiety to be aware that we cannot and should not try to think of every single event in our lives. Instead of fretting over trying to control every aspect of your life, learn to sit back sometimes, breathe, slowly, and smile knowing that destiny will unfold, regardless of your plans, or you stressing out about it.

5. The Most Basic Need is the Need to Survive

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy is real! Before the Covid19 shook the world at its core, we were obsessing over impeachments, political propaganda, religious warfare, Climate Control, Elections and then, suddenly, the whole world was preoccupied with the need for survival.
Stocking up on groceries and medication and toilet paper became the new norm. All united in this need for survival, fighting the same enemy, united by this strangeness, at least temporarily. Nothing can cause more stress and anxiety than the human and animal need to survive, to live and to live in peace.

6. Never Take Anything for Grantedrelease stress and anxiety - no to technology

This crazy year taught me never to take anything for granted. It was the things that we did not even think twice before doing that were taken away from us – Being able to spend time with friends, family, going out for a walk, taking your dogs out for a walk, sharing a cup of coffee or tea with your best friends, inviting your brother or sister over for dinner.
How about, going to sleep without stressing out about waking up with a strange illness? Hugging your parents without fearing for their life. Being able to leave your house without a mask, being able to go to a restaurant and working on your laptop in peace, not overusing the hand sanitizer and feeling your skin stretch and dry out in anguish. Not having to sanitize your groceries before storing everything in the refrigerator.
I do not know about you, but these are things I thought would never change. These are things we do not even feel grateful for, because these are so little, right? These things could never be taken from us? We were never going to not hug our loved ones. However, all these simple, everyday things were impacted this year, and if it can happen once, it can happen again. The thought of meeting strangers on the road caused stress and anxiety this year. Bottom line is, never take anything for granted. You wake up in the morning and breathe? Be grateful!

Wrapping Up

Let’s all learn from this. Let’s take the lessons we learn from this into the future, the future after quarantine needs to be different. Once this is all over and we continue living exactly the way we lived before, then what was it all for? What was the point of this year? What was the point of corona and quarantine? There is ALWAYS a point, there is always a lesson, there is always a change that needs to be made. Let’s move forward to 2021 with that change in mind.

Candles for Peace of Mind - Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Scented Candles for Peace of Mind – Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Scented Candles for Peace of Mind – Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The popularity of Candles

Candles have come a long way. In ancient times candles were used as a source of light. This was before electricity was even invented. Kerosene and gas lamps were used to light up a place after sunset. Soon candles became more of a trend than a practical necessity. Today, most of the credit for the popularity of candles can be given to YouTubers. If you follow any famous YouTuber, you are sure to find at least one favorite candle in their haul videos.

How do Candles Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Yes, I do watch a lot of YouTube, but my interest in candles is mainly because of its healing properties. Can candles heal? The short answer is “Yes”, candles have been known to reduce the affects of stress and anxiety, thus bring about peace of mind. It is the oldest and the easiest way to calm the internal chaos.

Candles – There is something calming about that word, or is it just me? Just say the word out loud “Candle”, do you feel it? Originally the word was derived from the Latin word “Candere”, which means to shine, and shine it did.

The low light from the candle is not blinding like the sun, you can stare at it, and get lost in it. There is something meditative about it, something that fills the heart with positivity, something that brings peace of mind. Combining this visual therapy, with aromatherapy is a powerful combination. A combination that can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

Is Burning Candles Bad for You?

Excess of anything is not good. Burning candles can have a lot of benefits, but before I go ahead and talk about some of the other advantages of burning candles, I also want to remind you that candles can be harmful. Some candles, when burned release a toxic gas which can be harmful to the environment, as well as to the people around these toxic compounds that are released in the air because of this burning candle.

Therefore, organic candles have become popular. Candles are fantastic but it is recommended not to burn them all the time. According to housebeautiful.com, the claims that burning candles is harmful are not backed by science or research. Yes, burning candles do emit poisonous, toxic, harmful compounds; however, the amount of these substances produced by burning candles is very minute and will not cause more damage than the damage caused by the air we already breathe. As for scented candles, that have essential oil in them – Essential oils are not harmful, unless you have allergies or you are asthmatic.

So, the bottom line is, as I mentioned before, too much of anything is not good. Burning candles will not cause any damage, but it depends on how long you are burning them. It is not advised to burn candles day and night. The good news is you do not have to feel guilty about burning these candles. Do not lose your peace of mind over this. Burn them when you are feeling stress and anxiety and feel yourself calming down with the glowing flame. 

Why do candles make you feel better? Uses of Candles in Daily Life

The slow, soothing burning of a candles, infused with some of the best, most calming essential oils is a great recipe for peace of mind. Both are known to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. I am including some of the best sellers of scented candles from Amazon, if you use any of the links to order, I will make a small commission. Here are some of the top benefits of burning candles.

Psychology of Candles 1 – Can Increase Productivity

Candles are a soothing, easy way to increase your level of productivity. There are certain scents that help with sharpening the mind. Some of these are rosemary, cinnamon, lemon.

Psychology of Candles 2 – Uplift your Mood

Feeling low? Burn a candle, cozy up by the fireplace, and a hot cup of chamomile tea and instantly feel better. Aromatherapy is real, notice how smelling freshly brewed coffee, or cinnamon rolls in the oven can instantly make you feel better? That is the power of aromatherapy. Lemon is known to have a fresh, uplifting aromatic qualities that can light up any dingy room.

Psychology of Candles 3 – Promote Better Sleep

Burning a candlelight instead of the usual lights in your house is a great way to get better sleep. The light from candles is not harmful to your eyes or skin. The light from candles is soothing to the soul. It helps bring peace of mind, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps you sleep better at night.

Psychology of Candles 4 – Reduce stress and Anxiety

That is correct, probably the cheapest way to reduce stress and anxiety in a person is to gift them some scented candles. There is a reason why every self-care routine consists of burning some candles by your bed at night, or taking a warm, soothing bath with some lit up aromatic candles.

Clary sage is a wonderful essential oil, that is known to reduce stress and anxiety in women, by control cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone that is found in women.

Clary sage, when combined in a candle can thus help with women who are prone to stress and anxiety, by promoting peace of mind. Frankincense is also great for this purpose.

Psychology of Candles 5 – Creates a Relaxing, Calming, Soothing Ambience

Ever wonder why spas everywhere light up all sorts of candles? It is because not only does it promote peace of mind, which is what people seek at a spa, but also it creates a calming, peaceful ambience. A candle can change the energy of a room. The fire from the candle, the light from the candle, the aroma from the candle, brings you closer to your spiritual side, it brings you closer to your positive side, it brings you closer to peace, to warmth, to God.

Peppermint and chamomile are relaxing, the scent can sooth the soul and create a peaceful ambience by doing so. Candles make great gifts as well.

Wrapping up

Fall is a favorite season for many, and it is known for many things to begin with. Fall is known for the cool weather, the autumn leaves, the beauty around us, it is the time to bring out the boots, and the cozy socks. It is also the time for candles.

That is the reason I chose this time to pen down this post. I love candles, there is something so feminine, classy, and soothing about candles. So, I set out on a quest to find some of the best Fall candles for the season and decided to share my research with you.

Which is your favorite candle scent? Feel free to share in the comment section below. Warm and Peaceful vibes your way.  






Calming Bible Verses

15 Calming Bible Verses – What does the Bible say about Stress and Anxiety

Calming Bible Verses – What does the Bible say about Stress and Anxiety


Regardless of your faith, it is a known fact that we all need gentle reminders, encouraging words and a listening ear. When you have a bad day, who do you go to? A loved one, a friend, a family member, they are not all psychologists, but do not you feel a little relaxed, a sense of relief just by ranting about the reason for your stress and anxiety.

They might not solve your problems, but just hearing them say, “I understand” acts like a soothing ice pack on our burns. I am not good with the metaphors, clearly but the point is, Believe in God or not, just reading the scriptures and all the positivity that the words can bring to us is worthy of our time, especially in times of stress and anxiety.

The world is beautiful, and even in dark, gloomy, uncertain times it is absolutely imperative that we stay calm and do not let go of hope, positivity, warmth, peace of mind, and try to remain calm. It is easy to remain calm when everything is going our way. It is easy to show your calm, cool and collected side when the seas are still. However, it is challenging to show the same quality when there are a dozen ripples in the water.

It is in difficult times when we really need to remain calm, not only for our own sanity but for the sake of those around us.

A Calming Aura

Ever notice how some people have a calming aura about them, one look from them and you feel calm, your mind starts calming down. It is because they are in this state of calmness that they exude this calming energy and everybody who comes into their presence can feel this too.Calming bible verse

Just like being around ambitious people can help make you feel inspired, our energy acts the same way. Your state of mind is like that – The calmer you feel from within, the calmer you make your environment. It is this internal peace of mind that extends externally and calms everybody else down, when in your presence.

The Importance of Calming Bible Verses

I do not consider myself to be a particularly religious person, but I believe in a lot of things – I believe in karma, I believe in spirits, I believe in Astrology, I believe in God and I believe in scriptures, Be it the Quran or the Bible.

I believe from scriptures we can get answers to all our problems, all our questions are answered, the answers to all our worries, problems, stress, concerns, can be found within the scriptures.

It is like, God has always us covered. I believe in the importance of believing in things, having faith, in magic, faith in destiny.

We as human beings do not have control all the time. Sometimes we lose control because of our internal makeup, and sometimes we lose control because of the external forces.

When staying calm does not come from within, it is best practice to look for inspiration and look towards ways of calming down from the scriptures. There are several calming verses in the Bible.

Note: This post includes affiliate links to some of Amazon’s best selling prayers books and books that inspire peace of mind. I will receive a small commission if you choose to buy any of them. Thank you!


Here are Just a Few of the Several Calming Bible Verses

Calming Bible Verse 1: Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;

and lean not unto thine own understanding

Destiny unfolds in mysterious ways, no matter how much we humans think we have figured everything out, we are still humans. You cannot predict destiny; you cannot understand many things. Maybe you are going through stress and anxiety, maybe it is a difficult time, maybe we are wondering “Why me, why did this happen”, and no matter how insightful you are, you cannot answer all questions.

This calming bible verse reminds us that we do not need to lean into ourselves to understand everything, even our best, most intelligent understanding might fall short. Because only He knows why things happen, only He knows what will happen, so lean onto Him for answers, and accept that everything truly does happen for a reason.

calming bible verses


Calming Bible Verse 2: Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation,

by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving,

present your requests to God.

This passage states the importance of and the power in prayer. This calming Bible verse tells the reader not to feel stressed out about worrisome situations and just sit back and pray to God. Show gratitude for everything that you have and ask for everything that you want and desire.

There is something very calming about leaving it all up to fate. If there is nothing that you can do in a certain situation, the best thing to do is to just pray, and let destiny unfold itself. It always does.

Calming Bible Verse 3: Philippians 4:13

I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.

If we keep our faith alive, nothing can hold us back. We can achieve everything if we believe. Do not let stress and anxiety, fears and uncertainty bring you down, keep calm and just trust in His plan.

the bible and stress and anxiety


Calming Bible Verse 4: 1 Peter 5:7

Cast all your anxiety on Him, 

because He cares for you.

This calming bible verse clearly states that we can put all our stress and anxiety, our fears on God and he will take care of us because that is how much he loves us. Imagine a technology where you can just transfer all your fears and frustrations and be free of them. We are in 2020, who knows, in future inventors can come up with a gadget like that but for now, consider the Bible to be that technology. Just make believe if you are not quite there.


Calming Bible Verse 5: Matthew 6:25

       “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what 

you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, 

and the body more than clothing? 

Simply put, this calming bible verse means that one should not worry about material things. Perhaps food and clothing is a bit of a stretch, but this actually implies material things are not worth our peace of mind.

Calming Bible Verse 6: Matthew 6:26 

Look at the birds of the air: they neither 

sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly 

Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? 

Again, this calming bible verse reminds us that every creature big or small is taken care of by God, they might not have the ability to think, work or worry but they are still taken care of. Just like that, we should rest assured that we will be looked after, regardless of what we do.


Calming Bible Verse 7: Matthew 6:27

And which of you by being anxious can 

add a single hour to his span of life?

Being anxious does not get us anything or anywhere. We are wasting precious moments worrying about the future, fearing things that might never even happen.


Calming Bible Verse 8: Matthew 6:30

 But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is 

thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? 

If God takes care of the grass, which is plucked and used up by human beings for food, will he not take care of us. Have some faith that you will be fine. Stress and anxiety will not benefit anybody.


Calming Bible Verse 9: Matthew 6:31-33

Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’

or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 

For the Gentiles seek after all these things,

and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. 

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, 

and all these things will be added to you.

God knows that food, water, sleep are all essential to life. However, we need to first seek God and believe in his word and all our needs will be taken care of. There is a sense of calm in leaving it all to fate.

Calming Bible Verse 10: Matthew 6:34 

Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

This calming bible verse says not to worry about the future, it will come sooner or later, and we can worry about it when it does. It is futile to worry about events that have not even taken place. Just pray and believe.


Calming Bible Verse 11: 2 Corinthians 12:10

That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

We learn and grow more from unpleasant experiences. This calming bible verse encourages the reader to not feel despair when going through a tough time. Stress and anxiety are a part of life, just like we accept strength, we must embrace weakness because it is only when we experience weakness, that we learn from it. It is this learning that empowers us and makes us strong from within.


Calming Bible Verse 12: John 14:27

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

This calming bible verse specifies that God shall give you peace, the world might provide you with calmness and peace, but this is temporary, it is only God who can provide you with eternal peace, peace that lasts and is like no feeling of calmness that the world can ever give. This calming bible phrase invokes a feeling of calm, a feeling of hope and a feeling of assurance that we are not alone.

Calming Bible Verse 13: Psalm 34:4

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.

The main reason for stress and anxiety is fear. It is fear of the unknown, fear of the uncertainty of what is to come, fear for our future, most of anxiety is based on events that have not even occurred and yet we lose our sleep over it. Abandoning this fear can free us of all this pent-up anxiety and stress.

Looking to God and his scriptures can help free us from this fear. Imagine a life where we feel no fear. It is a life of utter peace, joy, and calming energy. This calming verse lets its readers know that God can help us get rid of our fears, and thus our anxiety.


Calming Bible Verse 14: Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous.

In times of uncertainty, chaos, and stress, we humans are at our weakest, we are faced with this overwhelming feeling of despair, and hopelessness. Reading this calming bible verse can help uplift us when we need an extra boost of positive, calming energy.


Calming Bible Verse 15: Psalm 94:19

In the multitude of my thoughts within me your comforts delight my soul.

Multitude of thoughts is referencing to anxiety, the chaos within our minds, the constant worry about the past, the present and the future. This calming bible verse implies that it is only God and His scriptures that can calm an aching heart. It is through these calming bible verses that we can find peace of mind and comfort.

Wrapping Up

There are several verses in the Bible that are dedicated to calming the soul and peace of mind. Stress and anxiety are a given, and no matter how hard we try, we cannot completely escape it. However, reading these calming bible verses helps ease the mind. There is freedom in believing, there is calmness in having faith.

I have and do sometimes feel anxious, stress is no stranger to me, and reading these verses and interpreting them has brought a smile to my face. It is the smile of peace, of faith, a feeling of peace of mind. The belief that I do not need to have an answer for everything, future will eventually unfold, destiny will reveal itself, with or without me worrying about it.

Remember to stay calm – Click here for a little help


Marilyn Monroe - Quotes and Sayings

Marilyn Monroe Quotes and Sayings

Marilyn Monroe Quotes and Sayings

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous names even today, it has been fifty years since Marilyn died and her life, her death, her quotes are still remembered and talked about. Marilyn Monroe was a style icon in the 50s. She was a famous American actress, model and a comedian who became a sex symbol through her bold roles in movies.

There are so many celebrities who have come and gone but there are very few that have left such an impact that their lives are discussed almost 60 years after it’s ended.

Marilyn Monroe – What makes her so Memorable?

Marilyn Monroe's Childhood1. A Difficult Childhood

The first thing that makes Marilyn Monroe stand apart is the fact that she overcame a difficult childhood. Her father was absent, her mother was a Schizophrenic, which led to young Marilyn being moved in and out of foster care.

 It was a wonder how a woman in the 50s with such a tragic history could not only survive but make such a name and career for herself. Her PR team exploited her tragic childhood to bring in more press for the actress during her initial fame.


2. The way Marilyn Monroe Looked

Her Appearance is widely talked about even today, Marilyn Monroe might not have been born “beautiful” by Hollywood standards, but she grew into it. Marilyn Monroe worked hard on her looks, her makeup skills were way ahead of her time – She was one of the first to popularize the winged eyeliner to make her eyes look wider.

She layered her lipstick to make her lips look poutier. She bleached her brown hair for that blonde hair, which was probably one of the most striking features about her, that including the big blue eyes.

 Marylin Monroe did not leave any stone unturned when it came to her physical appeal, she went under the knife and got several surgeries done to change her physical features. A move that her agent convinced her to take, he also paid for the surgeries. 

Marilyn Monroe's Beauty

3.  Her very Public Relationships

The third thing that sets her apart from the rest and highly responsible for her popularity were her relationships. She was married three times and had several famous partners throughout her life. Some famous names include Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio.

4. There was something Mysterious about Marilyn Monroe

The fourth thing that adds more of an appeal to her persona was the mystery. Despite the bold roles she played, there was a mystery about her. Her beautiful smile never hid the deep sadness behind her eyes. Nobody knew who she really was off camera and that is something that adds to her great appeal, so many years after she died. Her mystery and intrigue are clear through some of her quotes and sayings. 

 5. She Died Young at the age of 36

The fifth reason why she still has such an influence in the world is because she died young. Her tragic life ending the way it did and created more of an enigma around her mystique. People wanted to know every thing they could about her life and death.

 6. Marilyn Monroe was Wise

She might have played the ditsy blonde very well, but there is no doubt that she was wiser than her years. The ditsy little bold but poor girl act is part of her fame, and she played that part really well, but her interviews, her diaries, the way she answered the questions asked, shows how incredibly smart and insightful Marilyn truly was. She is still quoted, and her quotes and sayings continue to inspire generations to come.


Here is a list of some of Marilyn Monroe Quotes and Sayings & what we can Learn from them:

Marilyn Monroe's Quotes


“No one ever told me I was pretty when I was a little girl. All little girls should be told they’re pretty, even if they aren’t.”


They should also be told that they are talented, smart, creative, funny, interesting, capable, strong, kind and amazing. Law of attraction is real, if you hear it, you believe it, and if you believe it, you become it.

 “If there is only one thing in my life that I am proud of, it’s that I’ve never been a kept woman.”

 We must remember that this was said over 6 decades ago, when being a “kept woman” was not only accepted but also applauded. Like I said, she was way beyond her years.


“Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.”

 Considering how tragic her life was, starting from the day she was born up until her fame, her depression, mental health, these words hit you hard. Her optimism hits you hard and it is something we can all learn from.

Marilyn Monroe's Saying

“We should all start to live before we get too old.”

 Marilyn never got to be old, as she died at 36, but she lived a lot in those 36 years. 

“I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that’s not easy.”

 It is never easy. It is endless, it can take years and sometimes we never find ourselves, but the aim is to continue trying. I recommend trying many things, doing a lot of new things that we find interesting, entertaining, satisfying, true to us and we might one day find ourselves. The secret is in not giving up. 

“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never got anywhere.”

 Also, if we remember when this was spoken, these words are truly groundbreaking. While I believe sometimes rules help us, and help make our lives easier, but yes .. sometimes it is okay to break some of these rules. When it comes to living a life that is true to yourself, break those rules. 

Marilyn Monroe Quotes

“Dreaming about being an actress is more exciting than being one.”

It is more about the journey than the destination. It is about the experiences. The little droplets of life that we live in those moments that resonate with us throughout life. Too deep?


“I don’t want to make money. I just want to be wonderful.”

 And she was wonderful, she made money doing what she wanted, what she loved, isn’t that the dream? 

 “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

 This is probably one of Marilyn Monroe’s most quoted quotes. Why? Because it resonates with most of us. We all have our moments, when we are our worst selves, but isn’t that just human nature? It is not natural to be our best selves all the time.


Peace of Mind - 9 Ways“I restore myself when I’m alone.”

 I love this quote because this is me. I say it all the time. You need your alone time – from your kids, from your friends, from your partner, from yourselves too sometimes. In which case, meditate. But for the love of yourself, spend at least an hour by yourself every day. An hour of doing nothing, ironically increases productivity. Here is a post I wrote about this topic.


“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up.”

 Never run after perfection, it is okay to be imperfect if as long as you are getting things done. As long as you are moving ahead. As long as you have the ability to think for yourself. Make mistakes, celebrate failures as much as successes. it just means you tried.


“A girl doesn’t need anyone that doesn’t need her.”

 And don’t you ever forget that. Wanting someone is different, the moment you start needing them, you absolutely need to get out. This is what a co-dependent relationship looks like. 


To Wrap Up

Marilyn Monroe was inspiring, beautiful, interesting, and sensational. To me the best thing about her is the fact that, though she was far from perfect, she was truly herself. She was fearless, and it was this fearlessness that latches on to people; those of us that were not even alive back when she died. She continues to live on through her famous quotes and sayings. 

How to Improve your Life

10 Simple Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

10 Simple Ways to Improve your Quality of Life

“This is how I am” – How many times have you heard that before? While, it is true that you are who we are and staying true to your unique personality is cool, but does that mean you can’t try to change for the better? Do you have to accept your flaws, because “this is me”.

Life is about growth, it is about development, it is about evolution, it is about becoming the best version of yourself. It is not only good sense, but a requirement to constantly try and improve your life.

Imagine a world where nothing ever changed, the birds never learned to fly, the caterpillar never blossomed into a beautiful butterfly, children never learned to walk, women never left their comfortable homes, men still lived like nomads.. close your eyes and think of it for a minute. Doesn’t look like a lot of fun, does it? Change is imperative, personal growth is beautiful and we must always strive to be better than we are today. Only then can you improve your quality of life. 

Here’s How to Improve your Life – Based on Advice…

  • Given to me by someone
  • Given by me to someone
  • Given by me to myself
  • Given by someone to someone else

1. Under promise and over deliver

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we say everything that comes to our mind and make promises that we are not able to follow through even though we intend to keep these promises. We end up losing the trust of the people we make these promises to. So, it is better to speak less and deliver more, and make sure that next time you make a promise, people believe it.

You will see how you can improve your life simply by following this simple rule.

2. It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Words mean something, and once you say something, you can’t take it back. A little tact can go a long way. It is good to be honest but sometimes people take it too far. If your “truth” hurts feelings, is it really worth it? Isn’t it better and classier to speak your mind but in a way that you don’t break hearts.

Changing the way you phrase your sentences makes the world of a difference. The tone and body language is even more important. It’s amazing how being a bit more tactful can improve your relationships and in doing so improve your life.

3. Treat yourself like you would treat a friend

Be your best friend - Pieces of Advice for a better life

Are you over critical of yourself? Do you put too many expectations on yourself? Are you too harsh with yourself? Every time you see yourself putting way too much pressure on yourself, stand in front of the mirror and pretend that you’re talking to a friend. What would you say to a friend in a similar situation? 

Skeptical about this? Try it! Talk to yourself like you would talk to your best friend and feel how your quality of life improves.

4. Stop trying to please everybody

It feels great to be adored by everyone, and it is nice- to do things for people as well. But there needs to be a balance between genuinely being there for people out of affection, and being a people pleaser to the point where you become a doormat.

If you do not get over your habit of wanting to please everyone, you’ll never learn or achieve anything of value. People will respect you more if you stand your ground and know your value, it’s also good for your peace of mind (Click here) 

5. Learn to say “no”

Is “sorry” really the hardest word? Some may argue. “No” is definitely a close second. It is hard sometimes; you want to be there for people. You want to make your loved ones happy. You wish to give them the world. However, it is important to make sure you don’t compromise your self-worth, beliefs and mental peace in order to appease others. Stand your ground and how you can improve your life.

It is okay to say no, and if you lose people for standing up for yourselves, do you really want them in your life? The answer is easy, NO. 

6. If it’s fragile, let it break

This one’s one of my favorite ways to improve your quality of life! You cannot keep walking on egg shells, if keeping a person in your life means that you have to be cautious around them, make sure you don’t anger them, watch every word that comes out of your mouth like a hawk because you are always afraid they will leave you if you say or do anything that upsets them; it is a toxic relationship, it is a fear-based relationship. Living in constant fear at the most is deadly and at the least is unhealthy. If a relationship can break so easily, let it break. 

Get out of your comfort zone - Great Piece of Advice7. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, aka, get out of your comfort zone

This is a great way to improve your life. I, like many others fall in my comfort zone pretty easily. It’s called the comfort zone for a reason – it’s comfortable, it’s familiar, it’s non-threatening. However, it is outside our comfort zones that we can truly discover ourselves.

It is when we put ourselves out there, that our true potential reveals itself. Getting out of my comfort zone has also made me a happier person, so I can vouch that this will truly help improve your quality of life.

Hard work Beats talent8. Hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Ever wonder how a few mega talented singers, actors slowly fade away and you find those who might not have the best voice or the best acting skills slowly becoming much more popular and successful? Luck is definitely important, and so is hard work.

Your classmates that were considered “average” by the teachers and other students might end up becoming more successful than those that were naturally smarter and got better grades in school. This is because of sheer hard work, perseverance and practice.

9. Always have a PLAN B

This again is one of the many simple things that improve your life. We all have dreams and it’s fabulous to go after those dreams. But if you think you’ve tried everything you could and that dream is still not coming true, allow yourself to dream another dream. Destiny is not a myth and you can’t fight it. If one door doesn’t open no matter how hard you kick it, it’s not your door.

But there might be another door just around the corner, that will open for you. And you know what? You might like the interiors of door number 2 a lot better. My students benefitted from this advice, and so will you. 

Always have a Plan B #piecesofadvice10. Accept yourself, but never completely

Nothing destroys potential more than complacency. In other words, accept yourself but never completely. If you accept yourself fully, you stop trying to change, to improve, to learn more. You start to think you already know everything there is to know. You think you’ve accomplished everything there is to accomplish. This destroy growth.

There is always stuff to learn, always things we can do better and several things that improve your quality of life. Growth never stops, growth within us – our habits, our personalities, our knowledge, our focus, our drive, our dreams. There’s always scope for improvement.

To Conclude

That’s it, these are just a few words of wisdom that will help improve your life. Self awareness and self improvement go hand in hand, you are not who you were five years ago and you won’t be who you are five years from today. That doesn’t mean you are a chameleon constantly changing colors, it simply means you are a human being – always evolving. 

What has been your favorite advice given to you by someone? How has it impacted your life? How have you improved your life? Feel free to share in the comment section.


Peace of Mind - 9 Ways

How to have Peace of Mind – 9 Simple Ways

What is Peace of Mind?

Peace of mind is a mental state of calmness or tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.

Happiness is a state of mind, and we cannot be in that state forever. But Peace? We can train our mind to be in a state of peace. It might seem like a far fetched idea but hear me out! We can teach ourselves to be at peace, lets get right into it.

How to Make our Mind peaceful – 9 Ways

1. Spend some time by yourself everyday for peace of mind:

This is one that I have been practicing for years and I would say, nothing has helped me more in my journey towards peace. The world is a beautiful place, with beautiful people, and there is no shame in admiting and accepting that every now and then, we need to spend some time away from those beautiful people. Simply because it is crucial for our own peace of mind.

We are social animals but even animals step away from their animal buddies every now and then to explore themselves. Start with an hour, just that one hour of alone time, either in the morning before others wake up, or at night after everyone’s asleep.

Just take that one hour to unwind and do whatever it is that you enjoy. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie
  • Make a cup of coffee/tea, drink slowly with a cookie (never underestimate the power of a warm beverage)
  • Listen to music – any kind that sets you free (for me it’s my 90’s jam that always takes me back to the “good ol days”
  • Take a walk – Also good for the body so bonus points for that

2. Spend some time in Nature for peace of mind

Nature, when it isn’t unveiling its wrath upon us, is truly bliss. It epitomizes peace. Go for a hike in the mountains, no mountains around? Take a stroll in the park, watch a sunset, wake up early and relish the sunrise. Listen to the flowing river, watch a water fall, listen to the sound of the rain. Smell the divine mud right after a rain (We need a mud scented perfume already). Smell a flower, watch the leaves moving as a gentle breeze gushes over a tree, Listen to the birds chirping.

Tip: I leave a large bowl of water in my garden. Watching those beautiful winged creatures drinking from it is truly calming and so satisfying.

3. Practice Non-Judgement for peace of mind

By judging others, we bring chaos into our own lives. Judging people might have become habit by now and this one will definitely take more practice. However, I have realized that just by being aware of it, we can prevent it. If not completely, we can certainly judge lesser than before. Notice yourself judging someone, that might be the first thought, don’t let it be the last one. Awareness is key. Once we know that we are judging someone, we can take the necessary steps to stop. Think of a positive thought and roll with it. Soon, it leads to internal peace.

4. Agree to Disagree for peace of mind

In simple words, resist the urge to argue. Some people just want to win a debate, but here’s the secret that they don’t know – Life isn’t a debate. Our friends and family are not debators. More often, people who think they have won an argument, are missing out on something extremely important than winning an argument – PEACE.

Sometimes they might even know how ridiculous they sound, sometimes they know they’re wrong but ego won’t allow them to stop. Speak your peace in a civil manner (you don’t want to lose sleep wishing you had voiced your opinion) and step back. Let them think they won .. it won’t affect your peace of mind. Actually, it will affect your peace of mind, by increasing it ten fold.

5. Art of Giving for peace of mind

We must be willing to give what we seek. Every relationsip is that of give and take. What goes out, must come back, it is truly in giving that we receive. However, lets not give with the sole purpose of receiving. We must give with the intention of creating happiness, not just for the person we are giving but also for ourselves. There are few things that bring you more internal peace than helping someone in need.

6. Learn something new for peace of mind

We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we have stopped trying new things. I know people who prefer going to the same restaurant and order the same meal every time. However, here I’m not talking about trying something new. I am talking about learning some thing new.

Learn a new skill, a new song, a new musical instrument, learn how to play the piano, learn a new language, learn a new recipe, learn how to bake, learn how to dance. Learning a new skill stimulates the brain, it is good for the spirit and what’s good for the spirit, is always good for our peace of mind.

7. Surround yourself with Positive People for peace of mindPeace of Mind

I don’t mean, stop talking to friends everytime they are stressed out. None of us will have friends left if we live like that. Ever watched someone laugh and started laughing yourself, without even knowing why they’re laughing? That’s the power of positivity! Positive people are highly contagious. Be a part of that and notice yourself feel lighter, calmer, happier. It’s amazing!

8. Color Blue for peace of mind

I did a whole post dedicated to calming colors that bring peace of mind. Blue is one of the most calming colors on the planet. Feeling anxious lately? Wear sky blue, Paint your walls light blue, Blue curtains, blue bed sheet..you get the picture. Not a big fan of blue? Here is a list of 9 Calming Colors – Psychologically tested colors that can calm your mind and reduce the internal chaos.

9. Relaxation Technique for peace of mind

This is going to be different for everybody. Maybe it’s meditation for some, yoga for others, maybe dancing to a silly hip hop song relaxes you. Swimming always calms me down. Listening to the sound of rain on an app is calming too, especially when you can’t sleep at night. Something so relaxing about it, it will put your mind at ease.

To Conclude

Peace of mind is not something that can be achieved overnight, as Robert Puff states –

“Over time, the peace of mind we’re searching for will emerge like the lotus flower from the murky waters below.”

Internal peace needs to be cultivated, and as we include more of these practices into our lives, slowly but steadily the more peaceful we will feel within ourselves, even if our external surroundings are full of chaos.

Color Psychology - Calming Colors

9 Calming Colors – Color Psychology

Calming Colors for Stress and Anxiety – Color Psychology


Color Psychology is the study of colors, and different shades of colors to find out how they affect human behavior. Color Psychology helps us understand how our emotions, choices, moods, and behavior can be influenced by the colors surrounding us. It has been established and accepted that colors influence us on a deeper level than we might think.

Therefore, Marketers spend millions of dollars on research on Color Psychology to determine the packaging of their products and what colors to paint the stores in order to impact buying behavior.

However, we are not going to discuss ways Color Psychology can help businesses make profits, we are going to discuss calming colors and how certain colors can bring us peace of mind.

Here is a list of 9 calming colors to reduce your stress and anxiety, just keep in mind, the cooler the shade of the color, the more calming it is. The warmer, bolder, or louder the shade, the more stimulating it is.

Stimulation is not a bad thing, it stands for excitement, and activity within the brain, but here we are talking about calming colors. Colors that reduce this activity or chaos in the brain and bring peace of mind by reducing this stimulation that sometimes causes stress and anxiety. 

Note: The product links in this post are for your benefit and mine. If you use them to make a purchase, I will get a small commission from Amazon, as part of their affiliate program. Thank you!

9 Calming Colors for Peace of Mind

Calming Color 1 – Blue

“Blue is the color of peace. Water is blue. I like the color blue because it just puts me at peace. The patriotic symbol is blue. I just like blue.” – Antonio Brown

calming colors

Blue is the most common favorite color amongst men and women in the world. It seems like nature has been predesigned to bring us calmness. Colors found in nature are mostly associated with calming us down.

Looks like the Creator has us covered. Research found that blue streetlights seem to reduce crimes and suicides, which is why some areas in Japan switched to Blue night lights in streets. The color also helps reduce blood pressure. The color of the sky is one of the most calming colors there is. Blue has several shades within it, so think of more cool tone blues when you want to reduce stress and anxiety, Click here for the top reasons for stress in the United States. 

Calming Color 2 – Green

“Nature in her green, tranquil woods heals and soothes all afflictions.” – John Muir

In keeping with the nature, green is another soothing, calming color, that symbolizes growth, peace, and abundance. It is often called the color of life, the color of God and the color of peace. Green helps people feel well rested, that is where the concept of the “Green room” came into existence.

Same as blue, green too has several shades, some are more stimulating, while others are cooler toned, think of the trees, the grass, the leaves. The closer you are to the beautiful shades of green in nature, the more it will help reduce stress and anxiety. This calming color is also associated with God. 

Calming Color 3 – Gray

“The color of truth is gray.” – Andre Gide

Gray is another calming color, it soothes the soul, and has a cooling feel about it. The right shade of gray can bring peace of mind to an exhausted soul. It is a popular color for many happy homes, the dentist’s clinic, and courtrooms. It would be best not to over stimulate a patient who is already facing stress and anxiety about getting a root canal. Ouch!

Calming Color 4 – Purple/Lilac

“Lavender – the Color and Scent of Relaxation, Youthfulness, Creativity, Imagination, Optimism”

Purple - Color Psychology

This beautiful color not only looks amazing, but it also has relaxing properties. Purple is associated with prestige, royalty, power, elegance, and sophistication.

Cool shades of purple can evoke creativity and relaxation, which is why several spas and lounges have included this color in their layout. It affects the mind like gray does by alleviating stress and anxiety, only it feels more youthful and classier.

Calming Color 5 – Pink

“And her pink skies will keep me warm.” – Frank Ocean

Psychologists believe pink to promote peace, it balances energies and soothes those around it. Pink is often symbolic of being girly, cute, romantic, and playful, and now we can also add peaceful to the list. Think Pink, think Peace.

Calming Color 6 – White

“I call white the most powerful non-color; it’s clean, optimistic, powerful.” – Jason Wu

Probably the purest color on the spectrum, white symbolizes cleanliness, serenity, purity, creativity, new beginnings. Surrounding ourselves with this calming color brings peace of mind, it de-stresses our overworked mind and encourages relaxation.

Calming Color 7 – Brown / Tan

We connect brown to coffee, to warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and with golden, sun-kissed skin. Brown is hearth and home, and it’s the color of our roots and of history – sensationalcolor.com

Another color brought to us by nature. The color of the trees, the roots, the mud. That scent right after lovely rain shower, its wet mud and it is delightful. Brown is often overlooked, but a cool tone brown is one of the most calming colors. It is soothing to look at and helps reduce stress and anxiety.


Calming Color 8 – Yellow

 Experience teaches us that yellow makes a thoroughly warm and comforting impression.

Yellow and a calming color? Color psychology says “YES”. This one might surprise a lot of you but not many colors spark a feeling of joy like yellow does. It is vibrant, bright, and brings with it sunshine – The feeling of hope, optimism, cleansing.

For a calmer effect, I would recommend a cool tone yellow. Think more pastels, yellow tends to be more warm than cool, so pick more natural hues, shades that are more pleasing than blinding will result in reduction of stress and anxiety

Calming Color 9 – Silver

Silver affects the mind and body as a conductor and communicator that aids in public speaking and eloquence. Silver is believed to draw negative energy out of the body and replace it with positive energy – Bourncreative.com

Another beautiful calming color, silver is cooling, calming, soothing, relaxing, positive, and classy. The right amount glimmer, this color is not only luxurious but also creates a peaceful ambiance.

Calming Colors vs Stimulating Colors

Not a lot of research has been done on color psychology, but there is enough data to determine that colors affect our brain, our moods, our decisions, the way we behave and how we perceive the world. It is no surprise that certain colors bring us peace of mind, while other colors stimulate our brains.

There is no good or bad color, just depends on what we seek and what is the need of the hour. There are certain places that seek stimulation of the mind, for instance, when shopping at the mall, fast music and loud, stimulating colors help the brands make more profits. These stimulating colors impact the human mind in a way that they are tempted to buy more stuff.

Likewise, there are certain places that need to have calming colors because of the nature of work done there. For example, the doctor’s clinic, the court room; these places already evoke stress and anxiety in people, so the need of the hour is to make it as calming as possible. Using calming colors when thinking about the color scheme in these places is useful in the long run. 


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