Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dermatologist Dr. Dray Approved

Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dermatologist Dr. Dray Approved


Elta MD is a cruelty free skincare brand that is sold in dermatologist offices and some other retailers, including Amazon. Elta MD is a skincare brand that dermatologist Dr. Dray uses and recommends. Remember that sunscreens need to be reapplied every two hours for full protection, regardless of which one you choose.

Quiz time

What is the most important product when it comes to skincare? If you guessed sunscreen, you are absolutely correct. One of the few products that can brag about anti-aging properties, and easily the most crucial product for healthy skin is sunscreen. I have a post about the best sunscreens recommended by dermatologist Dr. Dray, you can check it out here.

Next question, what is the second most important product when it comes to skincare? If you guessed moisturizer, you get full points! Sunscreen for daytime, and moisturizer for nighttime is all you need. Here is a post with the top moisturizer recommendations by Dr. Dray.

Curious about a dermatologist’s day and night skincare routine? I have you covered. Click here for Dr. Dray’s Step by Step skincare day and night routine.

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Top 11 Elta MD Sunscreens – Dr. Dray Approved

1. Elta MD UV Sport Sunscreen

This is a good choice for people who spend or plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, especially during the summertime. This is a combination sunscreen, that means that this has mineral active ingredients as well as chemical active ingredients for maximum sun protection. Combination sunscreens typically do not leave a white cast on the skin when applied. This sunscreen stays in place and does not run into the eyes when running around and sweating. Plan on being active this summer, or heading to the beach? This is a great choice.

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2. Elta MD UV Active Sunscreen

Unlike UV Sport, this one is a mineral only sunscreen. If you are someone who finds chemical sunscreens a little irritating, this is a better choice for you. This one does not contain any hyaluronic acid for those who find that their skin is sensitive to that ingredient.

3. Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen

This is a fantastic sunscreen for you if you have extremely oily skin. This is very matte and works well under makeup. This is a combination sunscreen and has niacinamide in it, which has many benefits, but it might burn some people, so if your skin is sensitive to niacinamide, this is not the sunscreen for you.

4. Elta MD UV Clear Tinted Sunscreen

If you prefer tinted sunscreen, this is the tinted version of the same sunscreen (3). The tint of this sunscreen is a little orange, but it is quite good. The advantage of tinted sunscreen is that it contains iron oxide, which helps with hyperpigmentation. If you have a deeper skin tone that deals with hyperpigmentation, try this tinted sunscreen for the added advantage.

5. Elta MD UV Daily Sunscreen

This sunscreen is a lot more moisturizing than UV Clear; it also has hyaluronic acid in it. Hyaluronic based products work particularly well for people who live in humid climate. This is also a combination sunscreen that gives your skin a more glowy look.

6. Elta MD UV Physical Tinted Sunscreen

This is a mineral sunscreen that is tinted. The tint on this sunscreen will not make you look orange. It is a lot more subtle and works really well if you have medium to deep skin tone. Tinted sunscreens, as mentioned before, help with hyperpigmentation. Dr. Dray has been using this one for years and continues to love it. This is a very moisturizing sunscreen, but it is not shiny. This will be good for you if you live in a dry climate, as it has no hyaluronic acid.

7. Elta MD UV Elements Tinted Sunscreen

This is another tinted mineral only sunscreen by Elta MD. It is water resistant, has hyaluronic acid so beware if you are sensitive to that. It is a moisturizing sunscreen that has Vitamin E in it, which is an antioxidant.

8. Elta MD Replenish Sunscreen

This one is very similar to UV Elements. It is water resistant, SPF 44, it is a mineral only sunscreen with hyaluronic acid just like UV Elements. This will leave a noticeable white cast compared to UV Elements, so deeper skin tones should probably pick another one. This sunscreen is moisturizing, it is not drying.

9. Elta MD UV Restore Sunscreen

This is a mineral only sunscreen which is not water resistant, so it is good for days that you will spend mostly indoors. Not good for active days spent in the sun, this is a good moisturizing, everyday sunscreen. This sunscreen has squalene and ginger root, it gives the skin a luminous glow. The non-tinted version will leave a white cast, the tinted version is a little orangey. This Elta MD sunscreen is completely vegan too.

10. Elta MD UV Shield Sunscreen

This SPF 45 is pretty similar to UV Daily. The difference being that this one has no hyaluronic acid, so if you are sensitive to that, this is the one you should go for. This is a good everyday moisturizer with SPF.

11. Elta MD UV Pure Sunscreen

This one is another exclusively mineral sunscreen, it will leave a white cast so beware of that if you have a deeper skin tone. This is a good sunscreen if you are active and spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. It does not have hyaluronic acid in it. This has Vitamin C ester in it, an ingredient that helps smoothen and brighten the skin, but if your skin is irritated by that, avoid this sunscreen. Get UV Active instead, which is similar to UV Pure but does not have the Vitamin C ester in it. Both these sunscreens are water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Wrapping Up

Elta MD is cruelty free, and if you are looking for a vegan sunscreen, the UV Restore sunscreen is the one for you. Vegan and cruelty free sunscreens are hard to come by. A lot of people are sensitive to hyaluronic acid, so hopefully this list will help you decide which sunscreen is the best one for your skin type.

Cheers to a calmer mind and skin!


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