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How to Sleep when Stressed Out - 15 Ways

How to Sleep when Stressed Out – 15 Ways

How to Sleep when Stressed Out – 15 Ways

Every now and then you feel so tired that you just wish to get in bed and sleep for ten hours, however, things don’t exactly pan out as you had hoped. You get in bed and one after the other every troubling thought starts entering your mind. Before you know it, its 2 am and you’re wide awake, and not in the good Katy Perry way.

So here are 15 things you can do that can help you get that good night’s sleep:

Circadian Rhythm - why should we Sleep and Wake up at the same time

Circadian Rhythm – why should we Sleep and Wake up at the same time?

1. Sleep and Wake up at the same time daily

Waking at the same time every day will actually help you to sleep better at night. A fixed wake time helps to build a strong desire for sleep throughout wakefulness.

This is good for our circadian rhythm. Promotes better health, better sleep and better mental health.

2. No Food or Sugary Drinks

I am no stranger to those sugar cravings before bed, but sleep therapists suggest to refrain from eating or drinking before going to bed. If you must have some drink, go for unsweetened green tea or chamomile tea, peppermint works pretty well too. It helps calm those nerves when you’re stressed out.

Stressed out? Keep Gadgets out of the Bed3. Treat Your Bed Room like a Bed Room

Our bed room is called a BED room for a reason. The main ingredient being a bed. A bed that is meant to be slept in. However, our busy lives have turned our bed rooms into a dining room, a TV lounge and even an office.

As a result we start associating our bed rooms with all of these activities. “I can’t sleep so lets get on the laptop and get a little work done”, yes? NO! This adds to the stress and we don’t need more of that when we are already stressed out.

4. No Screens / No Tech in Bed

Now this one might pinch, but it’s true. The light from our screens, even when our devices are set to “dark mode”, act like dementors, except, it doesn’t suck the life out of us, it sucks the sleep out of us. It tricks the brain into thinking it’s day time and causes us to overthink and under sleep.

5. No Naps during the day

While some people are experts at power napping, most people I know are not. You might think you’re going to rest your eyes for 10 minutes, the next thing you know it’s 6pm and dinner isn’t ready yet. It is advisable to keep the sleep limited to night time.

Cozy Bed for comfortable sleep6. Create a Comfortable Environment

Get those snuggly pillows, a nice cotton bed spread, scented candles (careful with the fire though). When stressed out, our inner self is already in chaos, balance this out by creating a calm, peaceful and a comfortable external environment, this will help quiet your stressed out mind

7. Slow, Soft, Peaceful Music

Many people, including myself, swear by music. Feeling low? Listen to Chill out happy music, some people prefer sad, love songs to feel better. Hey, whatever works for you, we don’t judge here in this Classy Clan Community.

Busy brain? aka, stressed out, soft, slow, calming music helps soothe the overworked mind, and puts your brain at rest, thus rendering a good night’s sleep. Sounds of the rain act equally well, and you don’t need to be in the middle of the monsoons to get this. Rain sounds, or nature sounds on youtube act just the same. Remember to put the phone away when you try this technique.

8. Calming Colors for the Bed Room

There are calming colors, and there are stimulating colors, while there is no good or bad color, it is advisable not to paint your bed room walls a red, or a bright coral, keeping the bed room color theme, a cool, neutral or a pastel shade will help you keep your stressed out mind a bit calmer, while creating a more peaceful exterior environment that promotes better sleep.

To find out, what colors are considered calming colors”Click here

night routine to relief stress when stressed out9. Do not Leave Chores for the Next Day

While you don’t have to do everything today, if there is a task that can be done in ten minutes, finishing it before getting to bed will help you not stress about it. People seem to think it’s always the bigger problems that stress us out, but the truth is, stress is caused by overthinking and this over thinking can be about anything ranging from losing a job to forgetting to wash your plate after dinner. It will take two minutes to wash that plate, and you can sleep without stressing about it.

10. Relaxation Techniques

There are several known ways that help induce sleep. What do they have in common? All these techniques are aimed at reducing stress. For more ways on achieving peace of mind, click here. 

Here are a few simple techniques that can be incorporated into our pre-sleep ritual:

  • Sleep Meditation: You don’t need to be sitting for this, just close your eyes, put on some meditation music and concentrate on that. Works like a charm
  • Deep Breathing: Take a deep breath in, hold it for a count of ten and breath out. Nice and slow.
  • Read a book: Might not be a technique, but works like magic.Read a Book before bed when stressed out

11. Do not go to bed Angry

Upset with someone? Worried about something, angry at your friend? Something they said that you didn’t appreciate. Three simple words – Talk It Out. If you can’t talk to the person directly related, call up a friend and vent out. A good rant is often underestimated. Talking about our problems, helps us move on. It is good for your stressed out brain, and good for sleep.

12. A warm Bath before bed

Bath salts, Bubble baths, Bath Bombs, or simply just a relaxing warm bath works equally well. Just fill up that bath tub, get in, close your eyes and relax. I feel relaxed just talking about it. It is the best thing you can do to relax your stressed out mind, body and soul.

13. Set aside a Thinking-Time for yourself

By setting a separate thinking time in your daily routine, you can avoid thinking about those things when it’s time to sleep. This is recommended by sleep therapists and is worth a shot. For example, 9pm to 10pm is thinking time and that is when you allow yourself to think about everything that has been bothering you that day or week. Making a conscious effort to do this every day, not only helps sleep better at night, over time you won’t need a thinking time at all, as a result of feeling less stressed out every passing day. 

14. Come up with a Night Routine that Works for you

This could range from putting on a beauty face mask, singing lullabies, oiling your hair, scented candles, moisturizing (Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Moisturizer is pretty amazing). De-stressing does not have to be complicated, simple things work incredibly well, and are easier to incorporate into our daily lives. 

(If you use this link, I might make a small commission, this is my first amazon affiliate link, so I can’t be sure but either way, this moisturizer is divine!)

15. Seek Professional Help

Last but not Least, If nothing seems to work and you’re still stressed out, feeling anxious and just can’t fall asleep, do not hesitate to seek professional help. There are experts out there that can help and it is advisable not to take lack of sleep lightly.

To Conclude

Stress and Sleep go hand in hand, and usually have an inverse relationship. The higher the stress, the more negatively it impacts our sleep. Sleeping more than we should is also not a good sign. Good sleep is about sleeping an appropriate amount of time, and a good quality of sleep as well. Sleeping for fifteen hours, waking up every two hours, or not being able to sleep at night might all be indicators of a sleep disorder and should not be taken lightly. Try these simple ways to help you destress and promote better sleep into your life. You deserve it!



What should we eat for instant stress relief? Ever wonder why we tend to crave certain foods when we are stressed out? It’s because they actually help calm our nerves. We are living in extremely troubling times, needless to say 2020 has been the most stress inducing year globally. A lot of things are out of our control, but there are a few things that can be done to help mitigate the stress. Here is a list of 8 secret foods for instant stress relief:

Looking for some color inspo to help calm you down? Here’s a post to help you with that!


water for instant stress relief1. Water for instant stress relief

Water is not really food but it is the most important on this list. Dehydration has a link to a rise in cortisol levels, cortisol is a hormone that increases stress and anxiety in people. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated, and that is going to reduce symptoms of anxiety that come from dehydration. It is cold in most of the world right now, and it is easy to forget to drink water. I recommend always keeping a glass or bottle of water with you. It has helped me drink more water than I normally did.

2. Oranges for instant stress relief

Orange for Stress Relief

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, this famous fruit has been a subject of several studies that suggest that vitamins can help reduce stress inducing hormones and result in a healthy immune system. Eating oranges and other citrus fruits, like lemons, grapefruits, limes, tangerines, clementine, help keep your blood pressure in control during stressful situations.

3. Spinach for instant stress relief

spinach for Stress Relief

Spinach? Yes, Popeye was not kidding with this leafy, green, not so delicious vegetable. Spinach may not give you instant biceps that will help you save Olive Oyl for the 100th time, but this fabulous leaf is filled with the goodness of magnesium. This secret food for instant stress relief will help you keep those pesky headaches at bay, energize you for the home life and reduce stress.

4. Milk for instant stress relief

milk for Stress Relief

Milk for stress relief? I always say, when in doubt, go back in time and learn from the age-old traditions. Our forefathers knew a thing or two about stress as well. Something tells me it might have been a lot lesser than the 2020 stress but nonetheless, it was something. A warm glass of milk instantly provides a warm, cozy feeling. Milk has a protein that is known to soothe the mind, body, and soul. I would recommend, adding a teaspoon of hot chocolate to this warm cup of delight for higher gratification.

5. Herbal Tea for instant stress relief

tea for Stress Relief

While we are talking about beverages, Tea that is low in caffein is a great way to destress that exhausted, overthinking mind of yours. Need instant stress relief? Try a cup of tea with honey, or a sweetener of your choice if you cannot have unsweetened tea. It is like a hug in a cup. I would highly recommend peppermint or chamomile tea.

6. Cashews for instant stress relief

cashews for Stress Relief

Cashews are rich in Vitamin B6 and magnesium, these nuts are known to regulate the nervous system and help lighten the mood. Not to mention, they are delicious. Warning: These nuts are extremely addictive and high in fat so do not eat more than 1/4th of a cup of this instant stress relief food.

7. Dark Chocolate for instant stress relief

dark chocolate for Stress Relief

It was discovered about a decade ago that eating chocolate is not such a bad thing after all, especially when it is dark chocolate. According to studies from Loma Linda University in California, dark chocolate helps with the mood swings, inflammation, immunity, and memory. Dark chocolate, with at least 70 per cent cacao, is another great addition to this list of 8 secret foods for instant stress relief. 

8. Turmeric for instant stress relief

turmeric for Stress Relief

Turmeric: Studies have suggested that consuming more turmeric resulted in reduced stress. This yellow spice is a staple in every kitchen in India and been the subject of several researches. It is super easy to add a pinch of turmeric to just about anything – Meals, rice, smoothies, tea, coffee, milk. It has little flavor and I personally enjoy the fresh orange color it leaves behind. A pinch of turmeric goes a long way. Increasing the consumption of turmeric can lead to lowering anxiety.

Wrapping Up

Our diet has an incredible impact on how we feel in our day to day lives. A balanced diet, with the right quantity of vitamins, minerals and rich in antioxidants can impact how we feel throughout the day, and if continued, even month and year. Of course, it is important to strike a balance between what we should eat and what we want to eat. Sometimes, giving in to those high sugar cravings is all the secret we need to feel instant stress relief.

For every other time, there’s Mastercard? Nah, there is this list that can help you calm those nerves. Also, do not forget to hit the snooze button. Nothing like a good night’s sleep to relax and rejuvinate. Click here for ways to sleep when stressed out.